Dress Up Guide When Working Remotely

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It’s tempting to fall into a uniform of sweatpants or PJs when working from home. Chances are you have gotten comfortable with this habit already. It could be getting in the way of your productivity, you know! Of course, there is no need to adhere to the office code, but it’s pertinent to dress up a bit to maintain a sense of normalcy. Perhaps wearing relaxed fit khakis would do!

Keeping It Cozy and Casual

Generally, employers don’t care what you are wearing when working from home as long as you get the work done. Besides, during these unprecedented times, staying cozy is best for your mental health. If you don’t feel like dressing up, that is totally understandable.

Getting dressed for work helps you prepare for the day, establish a routine, and get inspired to be productive. On days when you don’t have to interact with your clients visually, wearing your favorite sweat pants is relaxing. But dressing down gives you more energy to complete other tasks. For women, it’s a time saver. Sweats don’t require ironing either. Dressing down actually allows you to start your day earlier.

Dress up Guide – What to Wear While Working from Home?

Okay, it’s imperative to talk about what to wear when you are working from home. Here are your options:

  • Polo shirt or a shirt with a collar
  • A comfortable cardigan or sweater
  • A pair of mens shorts made in usa
  • Slacks or khaki pants
  • A jersey/sweatshirt or a hoodie

Don’t neglect your personal hygiene while working from home. It’s important to groom your hair because you wouldn’t want to hop on a last-minute meeting looking abysmal, right! Ladies are recommended to wear light makeup to be prepared to take on the day.

The key is to dress well enough that you can hop on a meeting right away with confidence whenever there is an impromptu video call. Find a way to strike a balance so that you feel comfortable and look professional at the same time. There is no harm to invest in your work from home wardrobe. The good news is clothing companies have started responding to the need of looking comfortable yet professional. Business casual clothes made from soft fabrics are already out there.

Preparing for Meetings and Video Calls

When preparing for a meeting or video call, dress as if you are attending or giving a meeting in person. It will give the impression that you are a professional, and everyone will feel like they are in a real meeting. The dress code for video calls might vary depending on the culture of your company. Whenever you are unsure how formal the meeting is, ask the organizer and get a sense of what’s best to wear. Don’t forget your viewers will only see a portrait picture of you. So, focus on the top. Your hair, shirt, glasses, or any accessory you are wearing will be visible. Don’t overpower it up by wearing patterns or too many accessories. This can be distracting.

These are some items you can consider wearing for video calls:

  • A well-pressed shirt
  • A well-fitted cardigan or sweater
  • A pair of khakis
  • Dress shirt and a tie when the meeting is formal
  • Blazer or suit when the meeting is formal

What to Avoid Wearing When Working from Home?

Now that you are clear on what to wear let’s throw some light on what not to wear when working from home.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

When WFH, you are allowed to forgo uncomfortable shoes. Find comfortable shoes. There is no harm in wearing slides because you don’t want to be wearing shoes that cause blisters. Never wear uncomfortable shoes when you don’t have to. Besides, the camera doesn’t face your feet so you might as go barefoot.

Don’t wear trousers or suit pants

Staying casual is the motto. Suit pants and trousers can be too formal. There is no need to wear them at home. Instead, you can wear sweatpants, jeans, or relaxed khakis to stay comfortable and look professional at the same time.

Avoid the stiff corporate shirts

Formal shirts can be distracting. To stay comfortable and feel comfortable, switch to T-shirts. It’s also easier to pair T0-shirts with jeans. Buy a few T-shirts and wear a new one daily to keep your work from home uniform fresh.

Choose Color to Boost Your Mood

The color you wear has the power to reflect your mood. At times, working from home can be tiresome. To give yourself a boost and improve productivity, use colors. It will give you the same kind of adrenaline rush which purchasing the best belts for men does. You might have to dress up a little bit and that shouldn’t be a problem. Get up, get moving, and wear vibrant colors like yellow, red, orange, or purple. Of course, when you have a video call, you should be sticking to neutral colors only. See how magically it affects your mood.

Summing Up

Long story short, no need to dress formally when working from home. At the same time, don’t be so casual that you forget about grooming yourself. Wash your face, brush your hair, and switch to comfortable clothes, wear a little makeup and look presentable. You will feel so much better. When there’s a video meeting, dress accordingly. It’s best to learn about the dress code in advance. Enjoy your work from home journey while it lasts.

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