Wifi Range Extender Setup

by Tom Wilson

How do you customize the WiFi Range Extender?

The Wi-Fi range extender setup is a technology that allows you to expand your wifi connection and provides you with unrestricted gaming, movies, and web series. For your wifi router, it is a plug-and-play system that connects and enhances your dead zone area, such as New Extender Configuration, and there are a number of companies that offer you these types of extenders. For these products, there are several products and models that mostly operate on the wifi connection point or wifi network.

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How to set up the WIFI extender range: Ap.Setup?

If you have difficulties setting up your wifi range extender setup with your home wifi router, don’t worry about remembering the list below until setting up your extender.

  • First of all, remember that an electrical socket must be inserted into both your wireless extender and your wifi router.
  • You need to place your extender and your router next to each other as you set up your wifi.
  • Be sure that no ethernet cable is placed into your extender until you start the configuration.
  • When you set up your wifi extender via Ap.Setup, you require a working network.
  • There are two approaches to help you set up your home wifi extension: the manual solution and the WPS press.


When you manually set up your wifi extender, there are a couple of steps you need to take.

  • Plug all the machines (wifi extender and wifi router) into an electric socket and turn the light on.
  • After that, connect your wifi extender with an ethernet cable to your home wifi router. Like in the case of Linksys Extender Setup, there are is an ethernet cable method in order to set up the extender.
  • Make sure the extender has just one LED light before attaching the cable, switching off the extender, and turning it back on in a few seconds if any light happens.
  • After that, take any computer with your wifi attached.
  • Open every window after that and activate the website. If you have the Extender mounted, type Ap.Setup in the URL pane, for example.
  • After the username screen appears on your device, fill in your details and click on the submit button.
  • Select your router network after submission, and insert your router’s term.mywifext.net (2)
  • After that, click on the submit button, and the connection stage will be ended.
  • As the lights turn solid green, check your extender, which means that your extender is associated.
  • You will execute the same procedure again if your extender fails to connect to the router.


You need to follow the steps provided below to set up your wifi extender via the WPS order.

  • First of all the wifi extender must be rebooted and turned off for 5-10 seconds.
  • Turn it back on and check the LED beams, make sure that when you restart it no ethernet cable will be connecting to your extender.
  • After that, instantly press the WPS button on your extender and your wi-fi router and exit in 15-20 seconds.
  • After that, check if the LED lights are blinking, which indicates that you are searching for the connecting unit.
  • Open your router’s website after that and select the WPS alternative.
  • Select the WPS button, and then start locating your router.
  • Click on the router after that and begin the connecting process.
  • Check if the LED lights are protected and solid green, which ensures that your wifi extender attaches to your home wifi.
  • You may also switch the extender off and turn it back on in a couple of seconds and restart the same process if they are not connected.

If you are not linked to your wifi router, you can either go to your extender’s support site, or you can also call the support team to help attach your wifi router to your extender.

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