What can you do with a bachelor of arts degree?

bachelor of arts degree

There is a widespread myth about a bachelor of arts degree, which states that you don’t earn any vocational skill as you do in commerce, science, engineering and degrees like law. The myth in reality is not true in any manner that can be proven. Many individuals hold the opinion that career opportunity after getting a bachelor of arts degree is limited, on the contrary arts is a vast stream itself, and offer a range of career options.   

There is no dearth of the job for one to pursue after graduating with a bachelor of arts, such as government roles, policy development, administrative support and advocacy in a non-government organization. You can also pursue a career in media and communication; advertising, and art and cultural organization.   

The bachelor of arts provides you with the necessary academic foundation for varied job roles including teaching, international relations, media and event management etc. Creativity has found a new edge in the current times, and to say that subjects like literature, music and fine arts don’t pay you well. The fact that there is a good number of testimonials of achievers who have done extremely well in the field of art and have achieved much more than another profession.   

The bachelor of arts is a particularly distinguished sector due to its attachment to the humanistic approach and understanding of the human culture. Subjects like sociology, philosophy, politics, geography etc. help to create a better understanding of the dynamics of human development and support the technological development that is unfolding rapidly.   

If you intend to study arts and humanities and pursue your education in ZambiaCavendish University is one of the best colleges to apply for your degree. The university offers one of the best course structures for bachelor of arts and equips the students with the necessary knowledge to build up a career or proceed with in-depth research or further studies.   

Cavendish University Zambia, offers a 4-year program, focusing on social, economic and political processes. The program is designed to prepare the students with the insights to critically examine the local and global preconditions and processes of development. The course also prepares the students to gain an approach in the social sciences and think critically about societal reforms and take job roles in private firms, NGOs as well as government agencies.   

When we talk about the development of education in Zambia, we have to motivate individuals to pay equal importance to take subjects in arts and humanities. These subjects as crucial to as that of sciences, business studies and law, and contribute substantially towards the development of the country. Deciding the right educational direction can be a little frustrating and a lot more confusing, owing to the thoughts about the future, trends, peer pressure etc. But if you have an inclination to acquire a bachelor of arts degree. Nothing else should sway the determination away.   







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