Things to Check Before Buying a Luxury Apartment in 2021

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Living in South Mumbai
is truly a dream for most Indians. Being able to buy a luxury home or flat is the first step to begin a lavish lifestyle. Many things entail such properties as privacy, convenience, security, and other amenities.

Although after the pandemic, all industries, including real estate, took a hit, things are looking up now. For those who are seeking a flamboyant lifestyle and want to buy a home or flat that spells out luxury, there are many options for  sea view flats in Mumbai.

Having said that, merely having the basic necessities of life is not what makes a property luxurious. It takes the EXTRA factor. There have been instances when developers and builders used tactics like adding the word luxury to their plans and getting flashy brochures to lure in customers when all they were offering were some basic prerequisites of a comfortable life.

So, when it comes to sealing the deal on luxury flats, there are a few things you need to pay heed to and check for yourself, ensuring that you will get to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle.  

Accessibility to Rest of the City

Being able to relax in your home with a tranquil and serene environment is one of the key requirements of luxurious living. However, that cannot be achieved if you are living in the midst of a busy street or right in front of a busy road. At the same time, you cannot possibly live on the outskirts of the city. So, make sure that your selected residential unit comes with easy accessibility. Even if it’s located a bit away from the hustle-bustle of the city, it should have a short travel distance to your workplace, market and the hospital.

Location and Look of Property

This is related to the above-mentioned point. Both the location and the accessibility of the luxury property has to go hand in hand. Either it’s a luxury property or a non-luxurious one, location makes all the difference. As said earlier, living in the city centre would be rather noisy. Also, the property might not be luxurious in terms of amenities.

Apart from special features, the property should look and feel like a lavish project. Its interiors and the surrounding views add to the luxurious experience. The floor-to-ceiling height must be at least 12 feet to get a good idea regarding the interiors.

The Amenities

After the location, the next most important consideration is the amenities offered by the luxury project.

An apartment that comes with a standard bedroom, kitchen, and hall does not make an apartment luxurious. A high-price does not justify a property as luxurious. As it is said, it needs to look the part. The parking lot should be spacious, the building should have its own gym, swimming pool, garden, and play area for kids allowing people to have a little world of their own.

The Number of Residents

Last but not least is the project density. This means the number of residents of the apartment building or in the plot. In an ideal scenario, there shouldn’t be more than 60 families living in a 60-acre area of the project. The more people, the more crowded the area. This shall impact the amenities as well, eliminating the charm of living in a luxury apartment.

Nonetheless, if you’re contemplating the idea of owning 3 bhk flats for sale in south Mumbai , see that it is a lot more than over-the-top advertisements and brochures. Do your part and conduct a thorough search on the above factors before moving ahead with the purchase. This could save you from any unpleasant surprises in the future as you would know exactly what you are going to get in the amount you are investing in the property.

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