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As of the third quarter of 2020, Snapchat has 249 million users. It is one of the most popular social apps worldwide. It comes with many features that attract the interests of its users. However, there are many features that they are also unaware of. In this blog, we will be discussing some of them. Continue reading below to find out for yourself!

Make Snapcodes for Any Website

Did you know you can make Snapcodes for any website? Yes, you read that right! Not only to add friends only, but they also work fine for websites as well. You can share them online for other users to scan. Moreover, you can even print them and use them on flyers, brochures, and shirts, etc. For me, Snapcodes come in very handy. With higher bandwidth, thanks to my subscription to Spectrum internet plans for both home and office, I have been able to use this feature for many business purposes.

Use Snapcash to Send Money Over

You can use this in-built feature to send money to your friends. All you have to do is go to the settings, tap on Snapcash, and add your debit card details. Once done, just type in the amount you want to transfer in the message box and send it over to a friend. Easy, right?

Make Your Own Stickers

You may be tired of using the same stickers that everyone else is using. And rightly so. To stand out, you can create your own stickers. Simply click a photo or record a video. Tap the scissors icon and cut the part you want to make a sticker of. That’s it. The sticker is saved in the app and now you can use it any way you deem fit!

Create Groups

Group messages work the same way personal messages work. Just create a group (up to 16 members) and you’re free to send in any number of messages. However, note that these messages will only remain visible for 24 hours. Also, if you exit the group you won’t be able to see any of the conversations.

Create Unique Geofilters

Just like stickers, you can also create your own customized geo-filters. Just visit Snapchat’s On-demand Geofilter website here to upload your designs. Do note that you need to be familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to do so.

Note that this service is not for free. The prices start at $5 and the price may increase depending upon the size of your geofence.

Make Voice and Video Calls

With Snapchat, you can make both video and voice calls. Just click the phone icon on your friend’s chat screen and you’re all set for a phone call. To make a video call, just tap the video camera icon!

Zoom in with One Finger

I’m sure you would agree that it’s quite difficult to pinch to zoom on phones with big screens. If you happen to be one of those who don’t know then get ready for a big surprise. Snapchat actually introduced the single-hand zoom back in May 2016. Cool, right? You bet it is. However, it does get a little difficult to manage sometimes. Especially on phones that come with big screens!

Play with Dynamic Emojis and Videos

While some people like static emojis, you may be one of those who would like to have them moving. If such is the case then you’re in luck today. Snapchat does support moving emojis. All you have to do is record a video like you normally do and then select an emoji or sticker. Press and hold down on it. Then, place it on top of something in the video that’s moving. The emoji or sticker will move with it. Cool, right? Try it yourself!

Swap Faces with Friends

Using photos from your camera roll, you can easily swap faces with another person. Just access the camera to load lenses up. Go to the last lens. Here you’ll be able to swap the faces. Select a person’s face you want to swap yours with. And there you are. A completely different person!

Link with Bitmoji

You can link your Bitmoji account with Snapchat. This way, you’ll be able to find Bitmoji stickers in the stickers category when you’re sending messages. Go to settings and you’ll find Bitmoji there. Add your account if you already have one or create a new account! You’re all set!

By the way, are you planning to buy Spectacles by Snapchat? If yes, remember that you need stable internet for it to function properly. I too did a package upgrade by calling on my Spectrum phone number just a few days back. The Spectacles are another wonderful offering from Snapchat that comes with many interactive options on the go. Check it out and make sure to try the aforementioned tips to use Snapchat to its maximum potential.

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