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With the support of the browser, Ap.setup lets you log in to your wifi-range extender. Make sure that you have a functioning internet router after unboxing your computer before we launch the ap.setup login. Try in the address bar, which also takes you to the setup tab, if this works for you. Get the setup underway now.

How would you like to use the Range Extender?

  • Your extension plugin, closer to the router, could be in the same space or 5-10 feet from the router.
    Now connect your computers to the Extender wifi network, such as your computer/phone.
    It shows for 2.4GHz as it shows as “Wireless for 5GHz
    To link to one of these WiFi networks, go to your wifi list.
    Once the AP configuration wizard is linked, it appears immediately as soon as you open the window.
    If the configuration wizard does not appear, open the tab and enter http://ap.setup or in the address bar at the top of the screen. It brings you to the login tab of the extender.
    On the configuration tab, click on the option that indicates how to set up the repeater. For instance, choose according to your preference.
    You can unplug it and position it at the location where you need the internet until the online configuration is done.

Setup Ap via WPS

You need to position the extender in the same room for this setup, so if it is further away, either the extender won will be attached to the router, or else it will take longer than planned initialization time.
Now, on the repeater, find the WPS button, press and hold it for around 2 seconds and you’ll see a flashing light on it.
If your WPS router is disabled, press the WPS button available on your router, then login to your router. Go to wireless settings and then WPS and from there allow the WPS first. On both the extender and router modules, WPS lights can blink for about 10-15 seconds.
The WPS light on the router will stop flashing after a good setup and the internet and WPS light on the repeater will turn solid.
If your router does not support WPS, use ap.setup for configuration.

Not worthy of signing in to ap.setup?

Ap.setup is an offline website that only when you are connected to your extender/router/ap system will you be able to navigate. So, all you have to do is connect to the network and then enter the login page if you have a repeater, modem, outdoor access point, etc.

On your phone/laptop, you will do this by going to your wifi list and you would need to connect to the WiFi network name of the respective computer that you wish to expand. Now, after you have connected, open a window on the same computer and enter http://ap.setup in the address bar, or you can also try default IP addresses such as,,

 If you still can’t login to the ap configuration list, take the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Be sure to type http://ap.setup instead of just ap.setup when attempting to connect to the setup tab.
    Try modifying or upgrading the browser.
    Make sure that you are connected to the name of the WiFi network system before signing into the configuration.
    If you are not able to reach the ap configuration tab, reset the computer.
    Instead of setting up the web browser, you also attempt the WPS configuration by pressing the WPS button on the router ad within 2 minutes, moving the WPS current on the computer you want to expand.
    Unplug the extender or system you’re trying to set up for around 60 seconds, then try the URL of the configuration again.

Configuring the Wavlink Extender via http://ap.setup or

By following the steps described below, we can set up the wavlink extender using ap.setup. There is a particular model for Wavlink that can be installed using the browser. The AC600, AC1200, Wavlink AC2100, ARIEAL G AC1200, AC1200 WL-WN579X3, etc., are some popular versions. Let the proceedings start:

  • Connect your computer to the power outlet near your router first and wait for the power LED to stabilize. That implies that we can start the setup when the unit is firm.
    Now, turn the repeater switch to repeater mode.
    Grab a laptop/phone, etc., and head to the WiFi list. The network name can be found there as;wireless- or just;Wavlink Extender;.. For the very first time, you would not need any authentication to connect to it, since it is an open network.
    Open any modified browser (such as Google, Safari, Firefox) and enter ap.setup or in the address bar or URL.
    You should try these configuration URLs based on the model number of the wavlink repeater. If these don;t function form to log in to the configuration page for wavlink extender.
    Form ;admin; or both username and password until it redirects you to the login tab. In lower cases, it can be typed.
    You would need to pick the network you wish to expand on the configuration interface and enter the password and press next.

Finally, your computer will restart after following the on-screen instructions and you will be able to connect to the expanded network displayed as (SSID EXT) in the WiFi list.
The password for this network would be the same as your WiFi password for your router.

N300 Kogan Wi-Fi Spectrum Extender

The Kogan Wi-Fi Repeater allows you to expand your home network and increase your bandwidth to 300 Mbps. It comes with universal connectivity that makes it easy to operate with any wireless router, firewall, wi-fi modem.

How to install this Kogan Wi-Fi Repeater in Router or Access mode

Router Mode:—Router Mode

PPPoE:- Enter the Internet Service Provider’s user name and password, which should be case-sensitive.

Static Ip:- The Ip address, subnet mask, default gateway & DNSS mask must be entered here.


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