Scholarship Program at GIIS Noida for 6th Grade Students

by vanshg092

The Global Indian International School in Noida seeks to facilitate its learners’ academic excellence by availing competent and professional teachers. The school also enables the holistic development of its learners and ensures that each learner has an equal opportunity to access the outstanding available education. The school also recognizes that some students may not afford the necessary funds required to sustain them. It, therefore, offers a scholarship to deserving 6th-grade students.

Some scholarships available for 6th-grade students include:

  • APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship 

APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to children in grades 6-12. The scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage young children talented in the field of digital technology. It is awarded to students who can comfortably operate a digital device or instrument, or application.

  • The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship in Noida

9gems holistic development scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to grades 6-12 designed to groom students and mold their personalities to make them well-rounded citizens.

The scholarships are essential to 6th-grade students due to the following reasons;

  • It offers Financial Assistance to Students

Studying in the global Indian international school in Noida can be expensive. For this reason, some students may not afford to sustain themselves in the school due to their family’s financial status. The students require any financial help they could get. Otherwise, they would end up dropping out of school. Through the global school foundation, GIIS offers financial aid to its learners through scholarships.

  • Helps to Avoid Bad Debts

Accessing education is expensive. One would do anything to sustain themselves in the school, including applying for loans or borrowing money from friends and relatives. The loans attract substantial interests that one may not be in a position to settle. The accumulated debts bring a lot of anxiety and stress to the learner and the parents, not to mention the lousy creditworthiness accrued. They may also strain the relationship between family and friends. Therefore, to avoid bad debts, 6th-grade students should apply for the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship or the 9Gems holistic development scholarship, among others

  • Helps to Nurture Talents

Through the scholarships available for the 6th-grade students, teachers can identify students gifted in different areas such as sports or excellence in operating digital devices, to mention a few, as they apply for various scholarships. Therefore, the teachers provide the necessary help and guidance required to enable them to excel in different fields of expertise. The talents can be a source of inspiration on which career a student ought to pursue

  • Boosts Learners Recognition

Winning a scholarship is not a walk in the park. A 6th-grade student has to put in a lot of effort and determination, not to mention excelling in academic fields, among other areas. Therefore, a student who wins a scholarship gains recognition among their peers and is a source of inspiration and admiration to lower grades.

Enrolling in the Global Indian International School allows a learner to access and excel in academics. It also guarantees the social, emotional, physical, and mental growth of a learner. Therefore, for 6th-grade students who have trouble raising the required school fees to maintain them in school, they should apply for these scholarships and enjoy these benefits. As students apply for the scholarship, they should ensure that they are eligible and attach the required documents.

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