Plants – A rich source of life saving Vitamins

by akshitavohra

So, why do we need vitamins?

We all know plants contain various types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many more things. Vitamins help to fight against various problems inside our body. We can get vitamins from various plants, food, and sunlight. Deficiency of vitamins can cause various deadly diseases. Now, there are many medicines of vitamins present in the market. You can take those medicines in order to maintain a healthy balance in your body. We can get Vitamins from various animals too like fish, chicken, and from various dairy products like milk, cream, cheese, sweets, ice cream, and many more. We should take care of our bodies in any way that is possible. We should take the necessary amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, proteins regularly in order to remain healthy.

Plants provide us food, shelter, medicine, oxygen, and many more. Plants contain everything that our body needs. They purify the air and create a fresh and healthy environment. Plants help to stop global warming. We should plant more and more trees in order to save the earth and help in maintaining balance. Plants contain various nutrients without which a human body cannot survive. Animals feed on plants too. They also take their necessary nutrients from the plants. There are indoor as well as outdoor plants. Indoor plants help to make the house environment healthy but they need a little more care than the outdoor plants.

You can get vitamins containing indoor plants online very easily. It can provide you a soothing environment around yourself daily.
Following are the plants that contain various types of nutrients:

  • Vitamin A: Lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and yellow vegetables are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to make bones healthy and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Vitamin E: Leafy vegetables and vegetable oil are rich sources of Vitamin E. Deficiency of Vitamin E results in muscle problems. It also weakens your vision.
  • Vitamin K: Green vegetables, tomatoes, and soyabean oil are a great source of Vitamin K. It is of two types vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Deficiency of Vitamin K results in bruising and excessive bleeding from cuts and wounds.
  • Vitamin B1: Grains, nuts, soybean contains VitaminB1 or F. Deficiency of Vitamin B1 can cause Beriberi. It is also known as thiamine deficiency. Beriberi causes heart and circulation problems.
  • Vitamin B2: Soyabean and green vegetables contain Vitamin B2 or G. Deficiency of Vitamin B2 can cause hair loss, sore throat, edema, skin disorders, or cracked lips kind o problems.
  • Vitamin B5: Cereal grains, leafy vegetables, and tomatoes contain Vitamin B5. It exists in the form of amide. Deficiency of Vitamin b5 is uncommon but it can cause depression, stress, fatigue, and insomnia.
  • Vitamin B6: Yeast, cereals contain Vitamin B6. Deficiency of Vitamin B6 causes weakness of the immune system, stress, depression, and confusion.
    Vitamin H: Yeast is the source of vitamin h popularly known as biotin. Its deficiency is rare but it causes hair loss, dry skin, and cracking in the skin.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits like melon, oranges, tomatoes, and leafy vegetables. West Indian cherry contains much amount of Vitamin C. Deficiency of Vitamin C is rare but it can cause scurvy, gingivitis, depression, and internal bleeding.
  • Vitamin B7: Whole grains and soybean contain Vitamin B7. Deficiency of Vitamin B7 can cause hair loss, hallucination, and numbness.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is present in some fungi and plants in Sub Sahara. Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause loss of bone density and rickets which is a very rare problem in children.

So, these are some vitamins containing plants from which you can get the required amount of vitamins and make your body healthy. Some plants that provide you various kinds of vitamins can be grown in your house too. There are many indoor plants that provide vitamins. You can plant them inside your house with proper care and measures. They not only provide you vitamins but also help to keep the environment fresh and healthy. There are many plants that give oxygen at night. Those plants can help you to sleep better at night and increases the ease of breathing at night. You can order plants online but make sure to check them properly. There may be some deceptiveness. Indoor plants require less space and can be grown wherever you want.

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