Muscle building for beginners – 5 tips from the pros

by Jack Reacher

You are motivated! You want the muscles! But you don’t know where to start Well! Your motivation is the first and most important key that will open all further doors for you. Yes, bodybuilding can hardly be matched by any other sport in terms of the complexity of the combination of all its forms.

Which type of training is the right one? Are you bored with watching all-day movies on Netflix, kissanime, Amazon prime, and playing games? Does the order of my exercises matter? How do I have to eat? Which dietary supplements should I use? And are the tips that I have received so far correct?

These 5 tips aim to make building muscle easier for beginners. For a better overview, they are categorized under “Training strategy”, “Training tactics” and “Nutrition”, but they are all (almost) equally important, because: Building muscle is more than the sum of its individual parts!

Training strategy

1. An experienced training partner is worth gold

A training partner, muscle building is twice as effective for beginners. Why this is so is obvious, because this can not only demonstrate exercises and provide information about one or the other trick in training and nutrition but also acts as a motivator. A good training partner pushes to the top and motivates even tired athletes to head to the studio instead of lying on the couch.

In addition, there is the function of the training partner as a spotter, which enables beginners to safely push their limits even with complex basic exercises such as squats, bench press or the military press.

2. Place great emphasis on regeneration

The muscles do not grow during training, but rather in the rest phases between the individual workouts. So if you want to advance your muscle building, you should allow your muscles a good 48 to 72 hours of recovery after each training session before the same muscle group is loaded again with a training stimulus. Regular and sufficient sleep is also important for optimal regeneration.

Depending on the individual, between 6 and 9 hours per night are ideal. The length of sleep is particularly important because the regeneration of the body and mind takes place primarily in the deep sleep phase. Conversely, a permanent lack of sleep can lead to a reduction in growth hormone secretion.

3. Increase yourself regularly

What good is strength training if the muscles are not regularly confronted with new challenges? Right, nothing at all. Therefore it is particularly important to heed the principle of progressive progress (progressive overload). Basically, this means that an athlete, whether beginner or advanced, should improve at least a little with every training session.

It doesn’t always have to be a massive increase in training weight, because that’s not necessarily realistic in such a short time. It is sufficient to simply squeeze one more repetition per set or even per exercise out of the muscles so that the total load moved increases

4. Not paying attention to others

In the gym, in particular, many beginners tend to orientate themselves too much towards other athletes, who are usually much more experienced. As a result, you want to lift heavy weights as quickly as possible and overestimate yourself. Others, on the other hand, look at improper techniques and consider them to be correct because the athlete from whom they have copied the technique is ultimately in good shape. When it comes to building muscle for beginners, the opposite is true.

Everyone should concentrate on themselves first and work their way forward in continuous steps according to their own plan. Stupid sayings about why you use a low weight in exercise X or Y should be ignored, as well as other negative comments.

5. Don’t keep changing the training plan

Yes, the world of bodybuilding is new and building muscle for beginners is an exciting undertaking at first. So it is not uncommon for people to switch frequently between different training systems and plans in order to have tried it out once or to enforce what is supposed to be a lack of success. This, too, is counterproductive, since every training system needs at least four to six weeks for success to become clearly visible. It is therefore important, especially at the beginning, to stick to a single system for a few months.

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