Manali Great things to do for joy in 2021

by arjun raj

Riverside Camping

One of the most exciting things you can try when you camp in Manali is Manali. The Manali River takes you on a ride. Manali is a place to try camping on the shore and overcome your fears. Dream of sleeping by the raging water! It is thrilling and terrifying at the same time, making it even worthwhile. This is also one of Manali’s most exciting stuff, so you can’t miss it!


Mountain Biking

Another and special thing to crave? So try Mountain Biking and discover the true significance of excitement. Though mountain biking isn’t as common in India, it’s a thrilling sport to try. So, if you wonder what to do in Manali, just continue and add it to your list. You are not going to be fooled, we promise. The only bad news is that the journey is rough, but what about life if you do not take risks?


Van Vihar Park

Manali offers so much that you could get pulled out, but you’re never going to miss Manali’s exciting stuff. Visiting Van Vihar Park is another of the things you have to try. This Park provides a fun experience with sky-high Deodar trees and a boating experience. This park is located on Mall Road on the banks of the Beas River and boasts panoramic views of the city.


Apple Orchards

Call those who visit the hills for panoramic views and the nearest to nature. Wait, that’s us all, right? Ok, all of you have good news. You’ll come to Manali with a large number of Apple Orchards. The kaleidoscopic scenes of the gardens in the breathtaking mountain scenery are what you would imagine. The best thing is that you can also take apples from some of these vergers and taste them in the gardens. Now we don’t know what it is if it’s not fun enough!


Old Manali

If the Mall Road was main-stream and the Manu Market wasn’t enough, here’s another shopping places in Manali, Old Manali. If you do not want the shopping spot to visit, visit it for the nightlife and do not regret it. Not persuaded yet? Then visit the café region. Old Manali is a foodie’s paradise, home to some of Manali’s finest cafes. For the finest pizzas and pancakes, visit Cafe 1947.


Riverside Cafe

One of the things you certainly need to do in Manali is to sit down and drink on tea or coffee in a river! Beas River has cafes with chairs and tables screwed onto the rocks and the enchanting experiences you have ever seen have in the centre. Don’t stop ordering a bowl of noodle and a cup of piping hot chai for those who want a memorable gastronomic experience! Dip your feet in cold water, get lost in the storey of your favourite book, hear the wave-like sounds and just enjoy the delicious meal as you are there!


Nature Walk

A further must in Manali is the shadow of tall cedar trees which cover the floors of the countryside next to the famous Temple of Hadimba. It’s not only relaxing, it gives you the opportunity to take a stroll through the woods and take in the natural wonders Main Earth has set for us all. Under the sun there is no umbrella in the lush green foliage. This definitely will be a ‘recalling stroll!’


Shawl Factories

Do you wonder where the cosy chalks will be helpful when the temperatures are at a constant low? If you’re one of those who admire art and craftsmanship, visiting the Shawl factory is undoubtedly one of Manali’s best items. Seeing the machines work and making masterpieces of all kinds of different designs and colours is a real sight!


Cable Car

One of Manali’s most unforgettable things is to ride the cable car and witness the incredible miniatures of Manali’s view from above. This cable car is available for tourism in Manali in the Solang Valley. Just imagine seeing the majesty of one of the most beautiful locations! For families and couples alike, the cable car is an outstanding experience.


Pin Valley National Park

A buffer region of 1,150 square kilometres and a core area of 675 square kilometres is one of Manali’s most exciting places to watch the exotic flora and fauna in Pin Valley National Park. This national park has plenty to offer, drawing animal lovers and nature admirers from all over the world. Snow leopards, red foxes, weasels, horseback riding, pikas, snow cock from the Himalayas, marten, husks and many other fauna are found in Pin Valley National Park. About 400 different species of flora can also be seen.


Winter Carnival

Those who are looking to get an insight into Manali’s culture and rituals will certainly appreciate winter carnival in Manali. Manali is the winter carnival for the Pahadians to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. In January the festivals include delicious food, band performances, street performances, various adventure sports, local performances and much more when the grounds are filled with slushy snow.

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