List of 5 best water purifier under 15000 in India for home use: must read

by krishna rajput

Water purifiers are one of the most required appliances in any modern-day household. We have already recounted affordable best water purifier under 15000.

I have shortlisted 5 of the best water purifier under 15000 on this list. The price starts from nearby 12000 and goes up to 15000. The purifiers on this furniture are from tier-one names like Blue Star, Havells, Eureka Forbes, Kent, and Pureit.


1. Faber Altroz RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier


The Altroz comes with a massive 10L water area size. This is in connection with the very clean water filtration product of 13.5L per hour. So now not only can get entrance to purified water each time you reach the purifier but you will have everything stored in the store in the event of a power cut too.


The 9 stage water purification is just put amazing. The water that you spend reaches through processes like RO, UV, UF, MAT, and mineral so that you get sweet and safe drinking water out of this water purifier each time.


This water purifier is also provided with copper protector technology. Thanks to this the technology provide an anti-fouling means guaranteeing you get pure and clean water every time.


Finally, with a mere 36W of power loss for the cost of water, it can deliver. The black chroma job which only sums up the aesthetics of the purifier this is apparently one of the best water purifier under 15000.


2. Blue Star Water Purifier Opulus

The Opulus exists an 8L water storage unit. Thanks to this you get entrance to fresh and clean water each time. The Opulus is tough enough. The technology that powers this water purifier is solely put amazing.


Firstly the filtration technology that is practiced onboard takes area in 7 stages. You get an outside Pre-Filter, a Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO membrane, a UF membrane, a Post-Carbon filter including a built-in Aqua mineral infuser, and definitely a UV lamp.


The ATB or Aqua Taste sponsor uses a calcite media to enhance the taste of the water and enrich it with an excellent pH level.  The AMI is a different great piece onboard. Thanks to this minerals like calcium and magnesium are connected to the water that you drink causing it useful for your health.


Finally, the copper produced activated carbon keeps smell and odor continuously from the water. The 48W power loss is decent regarding the amount of water the filter passes. And the all-black color job with silver strokes delivers great user participation overall.  Particularly if you are studying for an added water purifier under rupees 15K.


3. Havells Max Water Purifier


The Havells Max is a different example of an entry-level premium water purifier that carries way more punch than what the cost tag on under 15K has to offer.


Featuring a tolerably decent 7L water area unit the Havells Max will deliver water each time you want it. What sets the Max aside from most of the contributions from its class is the detachable water tank. You can now remove all of the 7L at one go onto large boxes for practice later on.


The water that you use is passed through havells 7 stage water cleaning process. Not only this however havells also introduced a Minerals cartridge and an Alkaline Taste Enhancer too. The Minerals cartridge corrects the pH of the purified water and continues back all the essential mineral which might have been filtered out.


The water purifier is also provided with a revitalizer and an electrical stability system too. The revitalizer restructures the water unit making it biologically more active to correct pH balance. While the electrical security system guarantees the safe usage of the purifier in 170V and 330V.


All in all, with a very beautiful looking design and a great color mixture of blue and white the Havells max, deliver within and through.


4. Kent Pearl Water Purifier


The Pearl begins with a very decently sized 8L of the water area tank.  What very nice is that the tank is loose too. This indicates that you can now carry all the water straight into a different container or remove it for cleaning of the vessel itself.


The pearl begins with amazing technology in it for the best outcomes feasible. The pearl highlights multi-stage purifying which involves technologies like RO, UV, and UF. Not only this but you also know Kents patented crystal RO technology which retains necessary minerals into the water you drink.


When it comes to saving water the pearl does a notable great job too. The new zero water wastage technology has a replacement rate of up to 50%. Now opposed to losing 4-6 glasses of water you only lose 2 for every 2 glasses of drinkable water you comprehend.


All in all, with a remarkably attractive layout and a host of great features, make this donation from Kent one of the best water purifier under 15000 mark.


5. Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier


If you are looking for a premium water purifier throughout the price of Rs. 17000, going with the Majesto from Blue Star is the means to go.


The majesto is a premium class water purifier that begins with a room tank of 8L. This is great as you will have entrance to the water each event you reach escape to the purifier. The tank is built up of food-grade plastic which implies that the water which gets collected will be completely safe for you to apply.


The technology that separates the water moves through 6 stages of cleaning. This comprises a Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and eventually a post-carbon filter. what’s even better is that it is also provided with an ATB. Thanks to this your water is now not just safe to drink but more is excellent to taste.


The purifier also highlights copper impregnated initiated carbon. Thanks to this all smells and odor are kept apart from the water you drink.


Finally, with a very sleek and stylish looking design along with a black color job overall, the Majesto is surely worth considering.

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