Learn the Basics Of Architectural Drafting Services

by Chase Smith

Hello everyone, today I am talking about Learn the Basics Of Architectural Drafting Services. Architectural CAD construction services are essential for fast and flawless project development. 2D draughts offer all existing view types and present them clearly and accurately, useful in presentations.

An architect was ordered to reconstruct

The building on a large scale in a short time. Unfortunately, customers gave him old blueprints that were difficult to understand from former property owners.

  • Furthermore, the Architectural Drafter specialist must calculate which construction work must be organized to execute the project and select appropriate contracting services.
  • That’s why it is even more critical to produce precise, accurate versions of the architectural drawings – they help explain what builders need to do.

A CAD company offers a wide range of visually understandable

Efficient drawing services to present project ideas. It is convenient to detail digital draughts when working with contractors who require a guide.

  • Learn what types and what types of CAD architectural design services are offered in 2D drawings.

Planning site

A site scheme is the extensive drafting of a building or group of buildings that shows the entire site context. It is often accompanied by a place drawing that is essential for Architectural Drafter applications.

  • The site plans usually include central building schemes and adjacent roads, car parks, footpaths, countryside, trees, and plantations, other environmental and infrastructural details.

For the construction process, all services:

Drainage and drainage lines, plumbing, electric and communications cables, outside lighting, etc., should also be indicated in a site plan.

Plan Floor

Floor plans demonstrate the interior structure and layouts of a building. These include walls, windows, doors and stairs, and shafts for the elevator.

  • The floor plans for the architectural CAD are available with or without furniture layout, either black and white or colorful, top view or angular to 45 degrees.
  • CAD designs for construction also indicate the load-bearing walls, assembly, disassembly layouts, and different partitions.


A high-level view provides architectural CAD design services, a vertical projection of the building from one side.

Simply put, this kind of drawing depicts a building as one façade. The elevation takes four directions – north, south, east, west, i.e., front, back, and two side views.

  • The south elevation, for example, means the south façade of the building. This type of CAD architectural design service involves details and a realistic style so that viewers can better understand the external design.

Section Cross

The cross-section is a drawing showing the sectional building construction. It is often called a section view in Architectural Drafter CAD design services as a cut-off version of a building is shown.

  • This draught gives an idea of the space and structure in detail from the front or side angles.
  • The cross-section also shows the connections between the different sections of the building and its premises, not shown in the top views’ drawings.

Detail Draws

Detailed drawings show a small part of the large-scale architectural design. They are usually used to display complex external surface elements such as decoration parts or connecting parts such as wall joint floor, window openings, apertures, roof apexes, etc.

These little details are not generally visible

But essential to contractors who implement the ideas of the Architect. The architectural CAD drafting services typically offer 1/10, 1⁄5, and full-size scales for detail draughts.

  • The details themselves must also be shown in a plan view, a section drawing, and a three-dimensional isometric draught.

Architectural CAD drafting services

  • Offer all the required draughts but make them more precise and technical than traditional hand drawings.
  • They allow a project to be developed quickly and build smoothly. Furthermore, the visual part of the 2D draughts is both more precise and more attractive for non-professionals.
  • It enables Architectural Drafter to explain the contractors’ tasks and display their ideas to customers at project presentations.

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