Kitchen design experience & mistakes to avoid

The kitchen design is not as simple as you think. Therefore, people often make mistakes when designing the kitchen and kitchen cabinets. This leads to many inconveniences for users. Here are the 10 most common mistakes when designing a kitchen that everyone needs to learn from. In addition, we will give a few tips to help you avoid the most basic errors.

  1. / Lack of budget

Budget shortages are a major problem affecting kitchen renovation. The first and foremost step is to determine the cost of the entire project. Include materials, labor, utility equipment, etc., and planning for derivative work, if any.

Another important point is to follow the ergonomics principles of the kitchen (the distance from the cooking table surface to the proportions of your body). Therefore, the kitchen designer should pay attention to activities that usually happen in the kitchen every day. This will help you design a kitchen that is right in line with function, aesthetics, as well as suitable for your lifestyle.

First, You should pay attention to:

  • The exact height of the tabletop
  • Divider distance between kitchen utensils
  • The aesthetics and uniformity of the design.
  • Color
  1. / No functional area division

Each kitchen space should be divided into 5 main areas:

Food storage area (dry closet)

Storage location for utensils (pots, pans, pans, etc.)

Food preparation & processing area


Cooking area.

  1. / The “triangle” principle is not applicable

The triangular principle in kitchen design is that areas such as the refrigerator, sink, and oven are distributed in a triangle. The kitchen area must be allocated in a sequence. In the case of a right-handed person we go clockwise and for a left-handed person in the opposite direction.

Also, the relative distance from the refrigerator, sink, and oven is also important. Therefore, you need to be careful when designing or renovating the kitchen.

Tip: the gap is too small or too big between the kitchen and the sink, as well as between the sink and the refrigerator, this is very inconvenient. So you need to divide the distance between the areas properly.

  1. / The height of the kitchen cabinet is not suitable (too high or low)

An effective solution for a large “kitchen” is that you can use a long table. With such a design, you will have free space on each side to store your food or kitchen utensils. The height of the tabletops, their respective areas, and the location of their devices are also important.


The kitchen cabinet height must match your height. Meaning 10 – 15 cm lower than the elbow height, with a tolerance of several centimeters.

  1. / Use single and long kitchen cabinets in design

Designing a kitchen cabinet system with a long row layout is a mistake. Because the kitchen user has to overcome too long distances. This layout does not follow the rules of the kitchen triangle. Thus it weakens the function of space. At the same time, it also makes the user move a lot. However, if adequate distances between areas are maintained, the job will be easier.

Advice: you should design a kitchen with a U, L, or G shape that will be most convenient.

  1. / Put the device in the wrong position

Installing the oven or microwave on top of the dishwasher is a bad idea, as steam from the dishwasher will damage your device.

Or arrange the sink opposite the stove. This is also taboo. Because according to feng shui, fire and water are different, they should not be placed opposite each other.

  1. / The arrangement is not reasonable

Utensils, supplies, food, or kitchen dishes, should be arranged as comfortably as possible. Because these areas are always used every day. This helps maintain and improve kitchen use effectively.

More importantly, you must pay attention to the kitchen cabinet area. Make sure that the kitchen cabinet is designed where you can easily handle all operations. You should also not put too many tools on the table, it will make your kitchen become cluttered and ugly.


Horizontal planning is very important in kitchen design. Things that seldom use should be placed in the closet, or on the top of the kitchen cabinet depending on your area of preference. Corner kitchen cabinets are often specially designed. Inside the cabinet is a system of intelligent utility equipment. Swivel drawers can be pulled out for the convenient operation.

  1. / Lack of light

The kitchen always requires an appropriate amount of light for daily operation. Natural light and artificial light are always used in kitchen designs. So, when designing the kitchen, attention should be paid to lighting. In addition to the overall lighting for the kitchen, you need to install additional small LEDs to supplement some areas of the kitchen cabinet.

Light quality is very important. Because the kitchen is the area we use every day. The main light should not be too strong. You should choose a yellow light with a white light. Because the white light is too much, it is not good for the eyes. Too much yellow light feels hot.

  1. / Lack of electrical outlet. The socket in an inconvenient position

When choosing the location of the electrical outlet in the kitchen, you should calculate specifically the number of appliances to connect. You should note that sockets designed for large appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, or dishwashers as well as small appliances such as kettles, etc. need to be carefully calculated, to avoid shortages in the use process.

10./ Using inappropriate materials

When planning a home building, you should not assume kitchen design is the last resort. You need to visualize what your kitchen will look like, to plan electronics, engineering systems.

For example, a wooden floor would not be suitable for a kitchen, for wet reasons. You should use tile floors, stone floors, etc.

The kitchen is a convenient area for every family. It is a place to light the fire for happiness. Therefore, kitchen materials and kitchen cabinets should be selected practically and usefully. So when designing the kitchen, we need to refer to the experience of making kitchen cabinets and avoid the above mistakes.

Hopefully, with the above article, you will find a beautiful and suitable kitchen design in your apartment.

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