Intelligent apps the new face of the mobile industry

by Wooten Huber

The New Future of Mobile Industry — Intelligent Apps | by Webuters  Technologies | Medium

Technology has revolutionized our lives. Now we can not even think about living without technology. Mobile phones have become so important for man. Initially, it was just used to communicate and connect but later on, when smartphones came, they just wholly transformed human life.

Smartphones have completely changed how people interact, work, and entertain. Multiple businesses are going on the smartphone at the same time. Some people are controlling their whole business with a smartphone. With the pace of time, many new apps are introduced in the market, facilitating human beings.

What is an intelligent app?

The result of the interaction between mobile and Artificial Intelligence is intelligent apps. Intelligent apps are those apps that use big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. They also use historical as well as real-time data to make predictions and smart decisions. These apps suggested and predicted relevant results and evaluate the user about the upcoming issues. The versatility of Artificial Intelligence is making these apps more worthy.

Intelligent apps are used in many fields, including healthcare, education, restaurant, hospitality, enterprise, and many more.

These apps gave their perfect user assistance. These apps learn from the interaction of its user to improve themselves. These apps are automated; they do not need the command and perform their task automatically in some tasks. Intelligent apps are benefiting people in several ways. The most important and visible advantage of the intelligent app is its accuracy. These apps give accurate results without any error. And also, there is no chance of human error in it. It saves its users time and helps them to make decisions quickly.

Best intelligent mobile apps to use:

Mobile intelligent apps are action-oriented and contextual. These apps drive data from different sources. They also gave its user an option to gave commands without using the keyboard. These are the best intelligent apps to use now and to use in the future.


Microsoft introduces Cortana after introducing Windows 10. One of the best intelligent apps is Microsoft’s Cortana, which performs a number of quality functions. It facilities its user in many ways. Its function includes setting reminders, keeping track of important documents, track on files, check on the weather forecast. In the past, this app could only be used in the windows phone only but now it is introduced for android phones. Now android phone users can also get benefits from the Cortana app. These app facilities you in doing those task in which you need someone else services. For example, scheduling meetings or tracking your important documents.


This app is similar to google voice search. In this app, you do not need to type. It would help if you said what you are searching for, and the hound will give you your desire results. This app also has many functions. You can set alarms and reminders, see weather forecast updates, do calculations, or find restaurant or doctor locations. It can also your speech into written text and can also read your text.  Another plus point of this app is that you can get your results by just saying the keyword. It is a perfect example of artificial intelligence involvement in mobile apps.

Elsa speak:

Elsa speaks an app that helps its users to learn and speak the English language easily. This app has some tests prepared by experts to help the user in learning English. This app made it easy for its user to speak English in less time fluently. This is the perfect app for people who wants to learn and speak English.


This is the app that is beneficial for students. It is like a blessing for students. Sometimes it helps the teacher also. This app helps students in solving mathematics as well as other subjects, complex problems, and question. You just need to ask verbally or take a picture of the question of expression. It isn’t easy and then gets the best-visualized explanation from this artificial intelligence-powered app. This app also gave its users an option of the optimal question and answer section to learn. This app gave its users links to YouTube videos and blogs, which would help its user and quicken the learning process.

SwiftKey keyboard:

These are the Artificial Intelligence-powered keyboards that perform numerous options. These keyboards auto-correct all of your text mistakes and give you the option to change your font, color, design, theme, and style of your text. It also enhances your conversation with its emoji.


Flo is another intelligent app that is helpful in picture and video editing. This app has a voice assistant that helps IRS give voice commands for editing, which footage or shot user wants to pick based on dates, location, or tags. It provides high-quality music to its user. It also gave options to detect face, location, and to select the nest moments.

Recent News:

Recent news is also an AI-powered app. This app examines and analyzes its users’ reading habits and then suggests to them the latest news, blog or article according to its user’s interest or according to the user’s past reading history. It is the best app to get updated with all kinds of reading stuff of your choice. It gave you updates about the topic its users love to read about.

Google Allo:

Google Allo facilities you when you do not want to write you also want to complete your work on time. This works like a messenger and performs your tasks. For example, answering the question, adding events into the calendar, and reminders also.

Seeing AI:

It is a talking camera app by Microsoft for people having visualization issues. No doubt that there is more power in the vision of a computer. This app helps its user identify and clearly understand the handwriting, currencies, colors, or even emotions of the people.

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