How to unlock the door of a washing machine?

How to unlock a washing machine
How to unlock a washing machine


We use washing machine at home to make the washing process easier. But what if the washing machine’s door gets locked! Sometimes it can be disappointing if you don’t get a repairman available.

A blocked door is never very pleasant, especially when a pile of wet laundry is stuck there! Generally I write about kitchen appliances, in this article, I will give you all the tips you need to unlock your front washing machine door. Each method presented will only take you a few minutes.

Ready for immediate unlock? Let’s go !

Tips and tricks before you start unlocking your washing machine’s door

Drain your machine

Before any intervention, it is necessary to empty the washing machine. In fact, to avoid any disaster and flooding, make sure that there is no water left inside your machine.

The door was unlocked thanks to this manipulation? This is great news, but it tells you that the door blocking is linked to the safety (door blocked) of the washing machine because it could not drain properly. In this case, take a look at the drain pump via the filter.

Unplug the appliance for 10 minutes

Another easy trick to do before trying any of our tips is to simply unplug the washing machine for about 10 minutes. Once this period has passed, try (always with your machine unplugged) to gently open the door of your appliance (without forcing so as not to break the handle!)

If, despite these first 2 tips, the door of your appliance still does not open, we invite you to try one of these 3 techniques.

Warning !

The techniques explained below are not exhaustive.

Some methods will work on one front washing machine model but not on another. Do not hesitate to ask for advice in the comments!


Washing Machine door unlocked
Do not forget to drain washing machine before you start repairing


3 Useful method to unlock the door of a washing machine

1. The tongue technique

If a mains power failure occurs during a wash cycle, you will not be able to open the front door of your washing machine because of the safety lock. To open the door, you must first make sure that the water level is below the window. If not, you should drain the excess water through the drain hose and a bucket. For more safety, do not hesitate to unplug your device electrically. You must then remove the plinth located at the bottom front of the machine.

You will then simply have to pull on this tab to unlock the security and open the door.

The tab of my washing machine is broken or missing, what should I do?

Pulling on it may cause the tab to break or it may already be broken. Do not panic ! You have the option to manually unlock the lock button.

Do not forget to unplug your device electrically! Remove the cover from your washing machine by unscrewing all the screws that hold it.

Activate it to open the door. Well done, your washing machine door is unlocked!

Did you know ?

The front door is equipped with an electromagnetic safety lock. This prevents the door from opening as long as the drum of your washing machine is not completely stopped and the tub has not been completely emptied of its water. Security is enhanced with a self-timer built into the lock. There should be a delay of at least 90 seconds before opening the front door. If your washing machine has a security light, you must wait for it to go out before opening the door.


2. The twine technique

Ready to turn into a repairman?

  1. Slide the wire between the frame and the door of the washing machine. This method will allow the wire to catch the door lock hook.
  2. Hold the wire firmly in your hands at each end and pull sharply towards you. The string will pull the window closing hook backwards.
  3. Your door is unlocked!

Warning !

From one washing machine model to another, this trick may or may not work.

If you do not manage to perform the manipulation correctly and to avoid hurting your hands, place pieces of wood (or screwdrivers for example) at each end of the wire: they will facilitate the opening of the door as handles.


3. Manual unlocking technique

Did you not succeed in unlocking the door of your front washing machine using the previous methods? Let’s go for a little manual work this time requiring a little disassembly.

Remember to drain and unplug your appliance before any disassembly!

Use protective gloves and a suitable screwdriver.

  1. Disassemble and remove the cover of your device.
  2. Locate the door lock and run your hand through the body of the device to reach it.
  3. Using the flat screwdriver, apply pressure on the tab of the lock. This will activate the hook to release the washing machine door.

But why did my washing machine door window get stuck?

Blocking of the front door or the viewing window can occur as a result of the failure of several spare parts of your washing machine. This could be the door handle on your porthole preventing the locking hook from swinging back. In this case, it will have to be replaced by you or a repairer. Likewise, the electromagnetic safety lock may fail and prevent the door from opening. If this is repeated, it will have to be replaced.


Door is unlocked!
Door is unlocked!


Safety warning

If you want to change the door handle of the porthole or the electromagnetic safety lock yourself, do not forget to unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet and turn off the water inlet valve water. Better to avoid any risk of accident!

I wish you will be able to unlock your washing machine door next time it gets locked. For more such content you can visit us where you get honest reviews for gadgets of your kitchen.

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