How to score band 9 in IELTS?

IELTS is an English proficiency test conducted for the candidates who wish to relocate in an English speaking country to work or study. There are no failures in IELTS as the band score is granted on the basis of the language ability of the candidate. The band score ranges from 1 to 9. Band score 9 is considered an ideal band score and every aspirant wants to be the topper yet there are some band score confines which are considered ideal than just to score 9. IELTS SCORE assists the candidates to get a chance to work or study abroad hence they need to work on the basic aids of English language such as reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

Scoring 9 is everyone’s dream but most of the aspirants think that it is impossible. Nothing is impossible; all it needs is a passionate aptitude towards ambition. In case you seek to score 9 in IELTS then you ought to be decipherable with the exam pattern and humanizing linguistic skills of English. 

Aspirants join IELTS Coaching Jalandhar or nearby their location to prepare for IELTS. It is an ideal option to prepare for IELTS under the supervision and guidance of a language expert and coaching centres provide an ideal hub of highly educated and experienced experts. Self study does fetch a high band score hence if you are targeting IELTS band score 9 then you need specialized assistance to comprehend the accurate study pattern to get accomplishment.

In order to score an overall 9 band score, one needs to score band 9 in all the tasks given in IELTS. There are some significant tips that can help one score band 9 in IELTS. Let us share some to enable a target based exam preparation.

  1. Time management

Time Management is a tool that assists to attempt the IELTS exam effectively. It can be enhanced by doing a lot of practice. Buy a mock test module and attempt one test daily after learning the basic rules of language and tools necessary for the exam. Observe the time, keep the timer on and then attempt within the time limit whenever you take the test.


  1. Improve linguistic skills

Reading, listening, speaking and writing are the four basic linguistic skills of any language. IELTS tasks are based on these skills, hence one need to polish all these skills by taking practice tests on these skills. Reading skills can be improved by reading articles and magazines in English. After reading, write them in your own words. It will improve your reading and writing skills which is an integral part of learning English language. 

  1. Enhance Vocabulary 

There is a dire need to polish vocabulary skills because it is the basic need to enter into an English speaking country to understand their language. Make a list of difficult words encountered while reading articles and listening to English news channels. These are the best sources where advanced vocabulary is used and if one follows them diligently. Revise the list of advanced vocabulary prepared by you. Buy the best word power book and learn the words with the help of root method. These are the best means to polish vocabulary besides taking a contemporary method of listening to videos, movies and news in English.

  1. Strong hold on basic grammar rules

Learn the basic grammar rules of English and take subsequent practice exercise on each rule to master the grammatical skills. It is a must to write correctly in IELTS. Writing skills are analyzed in IELTS where the structure of the sentence is given more weight age rather than the content. It will enhance your chances to score band 9 in writing tasks assigned in IELTS TEST.

  1. Practicing all the linguist skills 

Buy practice tests based on all the four realms of English language and attempt them daily. It will give a strong hold on all the skills required to attain proficiency in English language. Take the practice tests from a reputed publisher having verified IELTS experts. They will provide the best IELTS practice tests based on the latest exam pattern followed in the test. There is no syllabus for IELTS, candidates have to work on the basics of English language to acquire band score 9 overall.

  1. Taking full length mock tests and getting it examined

Take full length mock tests of IELTS every day and get ti examined by the subject experts. Know your weaknesses and take subsequent doubt sessions to improve upon them.

  1. Working on the weaknesses identified

Practice more on the weaknesses identified till you acquire mastry in the skill. If you will have a strong hold in all the linguist skills then you are sure to beat the competition with the highest band score. 


  1. Practice speaking and thinking in English

Start thinking in English once you realize that you have practiced enough and have a stronghold in English language. Thinking in English means that you think before you speak in English by evaluating the words you are going to deliver to the other person. It will improve your confidence in speaking which is very useful in group discussion in IELTS exam. Examiners assess your speaking skills in English rather than any relevance to the topic being asked. Practice speaking in English with everyone at home and with friends who are well versed with the English language. It will enhance your chances of scoring band 9 in the upcoming IELTS test.

These are the ideal tips that one should follow besides taking IELTS Coaching Ludhiana or Jalandhar. Practice makes a man perfect, keep the spirits high unless you attain proficiency in all the linguistic skills of English if you really want to score band 9 in IELTS.

All the best!!!

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