How to Install Blackout Curtains in Your Room?

by aliqureshi

So, how to install blackout curtains in your room? It is quite easy actually, and the installation process could be done by almost anyone. But if in case find any difficulty in installing your curtains then Curtains Dubai, provides the best quality curtains and as well as installation service. It is quite easy actually you just have to follow some simple steps.

Steps that will help you to hang curtains properly and safely!

There are only three things you need to know to successfully do this. All these are very much apparent by looking at them, but I would still like to mention them just in case. These simple steps will help you do it properly and safely.

Determine the position of where you are going to hang the curtains!

First, you need to determine the position of where you are going to hang the curtains. Make sure they will be able to completely cover the areas you want to darken. The blackout curtains should hang straight down from your window sill. If you have a curtain rod already installed, then make sure you measure the length of it before buying the new curtains. You may need to add extra rods for those extra-large windows.

Purchase your curtain rods!

Second, after measuring your window and determining the position of where you need the curtains, it is time to purchase your curtain rod. You can choose to use an existing one or purchase a new one. But if you are using a curtain rod already, just simply measure your own rods and stick them into the holes you determined while measuring your window. Make sure you attach it properly and securely too. Now that you have your curtain rod and rods, you are ready to install your blackout curtains.

Make sure that the curtains you are getting fit perfectly on your rod!

Third, to hang your curtains, you will need to buy the curtains first before you actually start hanging them. Do not skip this step! You have to make sure that the curtains you are getting fit perfectly on your rod. If they are not, then you will have to move them laterally until they are in the proper position.

Measure and place your curtains on a horizontal rod!

The next step is to measure the height of your curtain rod and determine where to place your curtains. It is better to measure and place your curtains on a horizontal rod. Use a spirit level to find the right spot. Then place the clothes on the wall. Use the top corner as your base. It would be better if you will use the two curtains stands for better balance and symmetry.

Other tools you need to hang your curtains!

To hang the curtains, you will need a few tools such as a curtain rod of a certain length, two curtain stands, and 2 curtain rings. With those tools, start at the top of the window and measure down until you reach the floor. Now you are ready to hang the curtains! Put the ring on the top center of the curtain. The other side should be lined with a fabric ring. Now lift the bottom edge of the window to place the rest of the rings evenly on the ground.

Place the fabric rings on both sides of the rod and the curtain!

The last step is to place the fabric rings on both sides of the rod and the curtain. Now you are ready to hang the curtains! Hanging a curtain using these tips can make your room livelier. So what are you waiting for? Go online or search for “how to install blackout curtains in your” to see other great tips.

Why people prepare blackout curtains!

Many people prefer blackout draperies over drapes or blinds because they are stylish, easy to install, and control light levels inside the house. As compared to Venetian or vertical blinds, blackout curtains can prevent sunlight from entering into rooms while at the same time letting in enough light to control privacy. This is the reason why they are becoming very popular among interior designers. If you want to know how to install blackout curtains in your windows, you will find the following steps easy to follow. All you need are curtain rings, curtain strings, and hardware that will help you hang the curtains in your home.


In order to install blackout curtains in your house, you must first find the right hardware and curtain rings. The best thing about this window treatment is that it comes in various designs and colors so you can match it with your other furniture. Just browse through the online site of Curtains UAE, to find the perfect curtain design that will fit your taste. You can also get these curtains at discounted price from us.


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