How To Get Crowdsourcing For Startups In 2021

seeking VC funding
seeking VC funding


It is a process of obtaining reviews, works and it can also include getting funds from internet based social media platforms where a large number of people who share the same niche provides with the relevant feedback. But there is a difference between crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, the former means to get product reviews and the latter means to get funds through these sites. 

Crowdsourcing is a great way of helping startups or other companies get relevant feedback related to the services they provide or the product related reviews. It helps to save money and the time that entrepreneurs spend with other skillful and thoughtful people like seeking VC funding, incubators and accelerators. 


Benefits of crowdsourcing

As already mentioned above it helps to save time and money that one spends to meet different people that the people in one’s team might not be able to do. When a task is performed by few employees it becomes time consuming but when the same task is performed by a crowd it takes lesser effort and time hence time saving. 


If the employees in a company are not able to  do certain jobs or some occasional jobs are there,, then crowdsourcing is considered the best options for instance coding or graphic design. 


Better ways of crowdsourcing

  1. Set your needs
    You need to set your needs as to what you need through crowdsourcing. This could be a product review or need of a graphic designer or it could be anything, you just need to make sure that you get the best results out of crowdsourcing.
  2. Stay focused
    Stay clear about the ideas and the need of crowdsourcing motives because it might be hard to stay focused in your own directions, you will drain your energy and time if you do not stay focused and theirs as well. Crowdsourcing would help to avoid extra funds that one gets for their business by seeking VC funding.

  3. Explain what is needed
    More information about the product would only create a burden of knowledge and it would drive them away. The crowd is going to work as per the details provided so any information that is not needed will mislead them and you would not get relevant results out of it. And furthermore the crowd could also lose interest in your company.
  4. Keep a track of your progress
    The crowd will help you with all the problems you state but keep in mind to track your progress and let the crowd be aware of it, it can motivate them. If there is anyone in the crowd who is showing more interest towards your work then you should interact with them one-to-one and share your opinions and give them a chance to share as well.
  5. Interact individually
    The crowd engages with you in the hope that you would acknowledge their work and respond to them hence it is needed that you interact with them individually and help them with their feedback. It could be appreciation text or a healthy criticism if you do not like the feedback that they have provided. It is a mutual platform and feedback from either end is welcome.
  6. Interact in groups
    Comments, group discussions and forums are few of the platforms in order to provide feedback to the group, there are times when you have to mention something and a lot of feedback is the same so hitting that idea in the comment section would be great. And the same is with the crowd.
  7. Top performers are your priority
    Your constant and top performers are the ones who are going to be with you throughout your journey so they are the ones you need to focus on. Although every individual is contributing their best but they are not constant they are only there for a time period or occasionally present.
  8. Honesty is what they need
    There will be times that you will receive all good comments on your products but that should not mean that they are everything, sometimes critics are actually well-wisher for you and your company.
  9. Get more innovative ideas
    Everytime a new member joins you get new ideas to work on and that would expand your family. Crowdsourcing in 2021 could be pretty easy as 2020 has already given enough promotion to all the social media sites.
  10. Try to stay active
    If you are active people would like to engage themselves as much as possible, so this is a way of staying active and getting more people involved in your business.

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