How GIIS is Helping Students in winning Japan local mcm scholarship

by Hana Nakamura

“Education is a human right with immense power to transform,” Kofi Annan rightly said.

Universally recognized as one of the most fundamental rights, education is indispensable in one’s career prospect and personal growth and enrichment. It moulds and prepares students to face the world with courage and sensitivity, rationality and compassion. Today, educational institutions worldwide focus on making education accessible, affordable and available to all students regardless of their financial strata.

Typically, reputed international schools achieve this objective by offering merit cum means scholarships that provide financial assistance to parents who cannot afford regular school fees. Such scholarships facilitate a more inclusive education system, taking every child under its wing. The prestigious Sadako Ogata scholarship by GlIS Tokyo is a classic example of one such scholarship. Here are some ways in which GIIS Tokyo is helping its students through the Sadako Ogata merit-cum-means scholarship:

  • Specific Bifurcations in Terms of Income Levels

The Sadako Ogata scholarship entails specific bifurcations in terms of the income levels of the parents. Based on the same, it provides particular percentages of discount on tuition fees. For example, category A includes families with incomes below 3,000,000 YEN and provides a discount of 25% on tuition fees. Similarly, category B entails families with incomes ranging from 3,000,000 YEN to 4,000,000 YEN and offers 13% off on tuition fees. Such income-specific support ensures that schools provide only the assistance that parents require while helping them support themselves to the extent possible.

  • Provisions to Accommodate Recent Immigrants

The scholarship also entails an exclusive option for new migrants, in which case the parents can avail of the scholarship by presenting an appointment letter as proof of relocation. This facility ensures that migrant students can seamlessly continue pursuing their education despite moving to a new city.

  • Applicable to Students Across all Grades

This merit-cum-means student scholarship extends itself to include students across all grades, from kindergarten to higher secondary school. This provision ensures that students complete their elementary education comfortably and opt for secondary and higher secondary studies without the financial aspect, posing as an obstacle.

  • Careful Consideration of Eligibility to Apply

GIIS Tokyo also has strict criteria and policies to make sure that all the applications are genuine. This check provides optimal support and assistance to deserving parents who are in real need of the same. For this reason, the school secures copies of specific documents from parents, including gross family income documents, tax statements and Japan appointment letters. It also requires parents to submit a tax exemption certificate if one of the family members is not currently employed. Lastly, parents must fill up a self-declaration form confirming their Gross Family Income.

  • Equal Importance to Means and Merit

As a merit-cum-means student scholarship, the Sadako Ogata scholarship also seeks explicitly to recognize meritorious students and provide them with appropriate educational opportunities. For this reason, it assesses a student’s academic performance over the past two years as well as the family’s overall income level before providing them with the necessary financial support.


The Sadako Ogata scholarship’s primary objective is to make education more readily available to students across financial spectrums. At the same time, it also considers a student’s merit and capabilities and provides the best possible assistance as genuinely required by families. Such scholarships ensure that schools nurture students’ academic abilities and facilitate quality education to one and all.

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