How can the impact of home restrictions on children’s health be mitigated during coronavirus?

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In the face of the new Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic, the government has quickly adopted a plan to postpone school to prevent the spread of the epidemic. At present, about 220 million children and adolescents are restricted by their homes due to the epidemic.

Previous evidence shows that when children are not in school (such as weekends and vacations), they have less physical activity, use various electronic screens for longer periods of time, sleep more irregularly, and eat more unhealthy foods, which in turn leads to health problems such as weight gain and decreased heart and lung function problem. At the same time, the post-traumatic stress score of isolated children is 4 times that of unisolated children. The interaction of changes in lifestyle and psychological stress caused by home restrictions or isolation may exacerbate the damage to children’s physical and mental health and form a vicious circle.

Research has shown that the negative impact of home restrictions on children’s physical and mental health cannot be ignored, and parents and relevant personnel should pay attention to intervention measures.

Schools: play a key role

Under the new online teaching mode of “suspended and suspended classes”, in addition to completing the necessary teaching tasks and ensuring the quality of teaching, schools should also help students develop healthy learning schedules. While ensuring that online courses meet educational needs, Overburden students.

Schools should also add innovative courses to provide a better learning experience and promote children’s healthy lifestyles through missionary videos, such as developing good hygiene habits for children and protecting the eye health of children and adolescents during epidemics.

Schools should also appropriately increase physical education classes and add appropriate indoor exercise activities, such as stretching exercises, elastic band exercises, core exercises, push-ups (or knee-ups), and stepping in place.

Families and communities: playing an important role

The neighborhood committee should strive to bridge the gap between students and schools, and advocate for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Parents are the closest and best supporters of children’s home restrictions. During the epidemic, children will be exposed to a large amount of information about the epidemic. Parents should directly communicate the epidemic situation with the children in a correct way to guide children and adolescents to care about current events, but also to channel their negative emotions such as anxiety, panic, anger, and irritability.

Parents themselves should also set a good example of healthy home life for children, increase physical activity, maintain a balanced diet, regular sleep, and good personal hygiene.

Parents also need to interact more with their children, so that children can actively participate in housework, improve their self-care ability, or cultivate new hobbies, so that home restrictions become a good opportunity to strengthen parent-child communication.

How should children prevent new coronavirus from becoming chronic? Let’s talk today.

children health

children health

Regarding the prevention of respiratory infections with or without the new coronavirus.

Respiratory system infection is the most common cause of outpatient and emergency department in children. It is also the main cause of death for children under 5 years old. A viral infection is the most common cause of respiratory infection in childhood.

It is reported that 90% of infants with lower respiratory tract infections, including mixed infections, are involved in respiratory viruses. Therefore, children with respiratory viral infections have become the world’s most concerning issue.

Among children’s respiratory pathogens, influenza is more typical.

There have been 4 influenza pandemics in human history, all caused by the influenza A virus. They were the Spanish flu of 1918, the Asian flu of 1957, the Hong Kong flu of 1968, and the H1N1 influenza of 2009, among which the Spanish flu of 1918 The epidemic is the worst.

Seasonal flu

In addition, the influenza virus will show a “regional epidemic” every year, which is characterized by a high incidence of winter and spring. It is also known as “seasonal flu”. It usually lasts about 3 months and peaks in 2 to 3 weeks. Spread within a community or group.

If the new type of coronavirus pneumonia really becomes chronic, it is likely to be seasonal, with occasional pandemics, like the flu. Considering the route of transmission, the new coronavirus and influenza virus also have some similarities. For precautionary measures to take, you can also refer to influenza.

The value of influenza prevention measures to prevent new coronaviruses

Every fall and winter, experts will emphasize the prevention of influenza, including the following measures:

1.      Vaccine

Vaccines are a key measure to prevent influenza. It is recommended that children under 5 years of age be vaccinated by the end of October each year.

At present, vaccines against new coronaviruses are still being developed. If they become chronic, vaccination should also be a very important preventive measure.

2. Go out less

In the flu season, it is recommended not to go to public places and closed spaces where there are many people; if you want to go, try to wear suitable masks for children to protect them.

Precautions when using masks:

1) master the proper use of mask protection methods;

2) parents are always concerned about the wearing of children’s masks, if they feel uncomfortable during the wearing of masks, they should adjust or stop using them in time;

3) because children’s faces are small, and The edges of adult masks cannot be fully closed, and it is not recommended that children wear adult masks with closeness requirements.

This is also very important and critical in preventing new coronavirus infections.


The home environment should be ventilated every day, and keep warm at the same time. Each room takes turns to ventilate 2 to 3 times a day, and each window is opened for 30min to 1h. When outdoor air is polluted, a qualified family can turn on the air purifier and ultraviolet disinfection every day.

Keep the home clean and tidy. In the case of the agglomerated disease in the community, you can disinfect it daily and wipe the surface of the object with 75% ethanol or diluted 84 disinfectants.

4. Wash your hands frequently

Wash hands with running water and hand sanitizer immediately after contacting respiratory secretions. Wash hands thoroughly before and after meals, before and after wiping eyes, after touching pets or poultry, and when returning from public places.

Caregivers must wash their hands before touching children’s tableware, toys, daily necessities, or communicating with children.

5. Guarantee nutrition and exercise

It is recommended timely and reasonable supplementary supplements, ensuring nutritional balance, proper exercise, and scientific work and rest, all of which are the basis for ensuring the child’s health and immunity.

6. Psychological protection

Because children are active, restricting outing activities during the flu epidemic season may increase children’s inner anxiety and affect children’s mental health. Parents should pay attention to channel their children’s negative emotions and do as many parent-child activities as possible.

It can be seen that the measures of less going out, more ventilation, washing hands frequently, and ensuring nutrition are also the main points of child protection in this new corona epidemic.

Since winter and spring are already the seasons of the high incidence of respiratory diseases in children, regardless of whether the new coronavirus will become chronic, we must pay attention to the protection of children, inoculate relevant vaccines in time, and take good health protection measures.


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