House Crowners: Shelter Designs & Uses

by Broxe Mason

Houses, hotels, hospitals, or any other name, new or old or even ancient like the one in the oldest civilization’s ruins, we find a common sense of living life like it was always lived. Humans have prospered a lot in the 20th century but the basic needs which we need are still unchanged. And it is sad when it comes up as a fact that those needs are still unavailable in many tribes and humans in some parts of the world still live without them. The discussion is about the ceilings. Ceilings, roofs, or cover whatever the name the basic function would not change by taking fancy names.


The inception

If we date back to the ancient civilizations of Indus Valley or the Egyptians, there too, thousands of years ago people lived in houses that were covered and sheltered. They too had that much sense. The three main needs of any human being; food, clothes, and shelter. Miss out any one of them, you are no different than an animal. And if we look at the tribal life of Africa, we should be ashamed as a human. Now after thousands of years after the Indus Valley time period and Egyptian times we land in the 21st century. Proud with the crown of being called the most modern and technologically advanced race ever to exist. Even today, no building can ever be imagined without a roof. And intelligent minds have now created a gap in this market too.

Shelter designs

Today ceilings are not as simple as they used to be even like a decade ago. New shelter designs by some of the best roofers in the business have created an art out of it. The simple task of covering a building has turned into a business and in a capitalist society, business means competition. Each participant in the market is racing to become the best roofing company.

People nowadays have terrace gardens, bonfire pits, barbeque grills, and what not on the roof of their houses on the outside. And the same roof on the inside is decorated with false ceilings, 3d artifacts, and wallpapers with beautiful textures. Some people just install solar panels to create energy.



As solar panels are now very normalized in the west, it is one big usage of the rooftop to create one’s own renewable energy. The power can be used inside the building and any access power can be sold to the state.

People not just renovate their terraces and sit quietly; they utilize their rooftops after decorating them and spending large sums on them. Nowadays it is a quite normal sight to see people having barbeque parties, birthdays, even engagements on their rooftops.

However, the main function of having a roof installed is to get the people and their possessions inside safe and sound. Companies now offer a wide variety of insulations as a part of roofing to get extra out of the functions like installing insulation can keep temperatures moderate in summers as well as winters.

Materials used for roofing

There are various materials used for roofing. These changed from time to time credited to changing fashion and the needs of the public. Wood can be termed as one of the old roofing materials that were used to cover houses. It is still used in some areas. Clay and concrete tiles are other examples of what materials were or are still used.

Metal roofing is another way to cover the tops. This is mostly used for Commercial Roof Cleaning Company. Metal covers prove light in weight, last longer, and are resistant to extreme weather. Some people argue that they are expensive.

Lastly, glass is another material that is less likely to be used in covering the tops but some niche amount of people who could afford do use it as shelter. Imagine sitting warm inside the house on a clear night, and witnessing the stars from inside your house. However, not exactly glass but a transparent material called polycarbonate is used instead. This alternative is more practical as glass is more rigid and heavy.

Whatever be the material of the roof, having a roof over your head is a true blessing and whosoever is blessed this much is lucky.

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