How to Tell if You Need Your Home Siding Replaced By A Siding Contractor in Colorado Springs

Home Siding Replaced By A Siding Contractor

Just like all good things, your home siding is not going to last forever. So homeowners should expect to replace their home siding during the time they own the house. However many homeowners aren’t sure how to tell when to get their home siding replaced by a siding contractor in Colorado Springs.

Of course, some wear and tear is expected and can be repaired easily, but there comes a point when your home siding becomes damaged beyond repair; then replacement is the only option.

So, unless you want to leave your home at the mercy of the hot sun, wind, rain, and cold without protective sidings here is how you can tell when a siding replacement is required.

Start Getting In Touch With Siding Contractors If You See Rot On Your Siding

Rot is never a good sign for wooden sidings, and it is a clear sign of moisture damage. When the seals of your siding start to give in, they can’t keep the water out, and this results in your home siding being soaked for long periods.

So when you start noticing signs of rot and the wood of your home siding feels soft to touch it is a clear sign that you need to get in touch with siding contractors and get your siding replaced. However, if the rot is centralized to a small area, a siding contractor might suggest a repair instead of a complete replacement. On the other hand, if widespread rot and fungus are seen throughout your home’s siding, this indicates the need for a full siding replacement.

If you have vinyl sidings installed on your home the vinyl sidings can get worn down by the temperature variations and cause moisture to be trapped within. Eventually, even they need replacing.

Cracked Or Damaged Sidings Warrant A Visit From A Siding Repair Company

If your home is a warrior that protects you from the outside elements, then siding is its armor. So if the siding starts to crack or develops gaps, then it might be a sign that a siding replacement is in order. Openings or cracks in your home siding can let moisture and even insects inside your home.

Therefore it is a good idea to get your home siding inspected by siding contractors such as Red Oak Exteriors to find out if a quick repair will do the job or if the damage is too severe to repair and a replacement is in order.

Mold And Moisture On Your Home Walls Is A Sign Of Failing Siding

As mentioned above, damaged sidings can let moisture inside your home. The first indicator that you have moisture getting inside your home is that mold will appear on your interior walls. While most of the time re-insulating your home siding stops moisture and mildew from building up on your interior walls, at times, you might have to replace your home sidings as well.

So any mold, mildew, or general moisture on your walls should never be ignored as it may indicate an issue with your home siding and a need for siding repair.

High Energy Bills Can Result From Worn Out Sidings

Even if you don’t see any visible or large cracks and gaps in your home siding, worn home siding can develop tiny holes and gaps that reduce your home’s insulation.

This can result in higher energy usage to either cool or heat your home interior. So if you have started getting higher than usual energy bills a worn siding might be the culprit and might need to be replaced.

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