Advantages Of Green Building

by Muhammad Baig

Advantages Of Green Building Which No One Knows About

Green building is an evolution for the construction industry and it hasn’t got the exposure that it deserves. You’ll see most people and construction companies go for traditional construction and think about themself yes this is a bit selfish but it is because they don’t know about their other options. In this article, I will tell you what green building is and why it is beneficial for us. Eco-friendly construction involves the use of materials that are resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. Neglected for being expensive but we are seeing an improvement in the popularity of green building over the years due to many advantages.  Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t shy away from using an eco-friendly construction company when building your facility.  

Low cost for maintenance and operation

Green building has unique features that ensure efficient use of the resource like water and energy. Take an example of using a task lighting strategy and a lot of daylight, green buildings vastly reduce the amount of power used in lighting systems. This helps save one-third of their water and energy bills. Keeping in mind that maintenance and operating can cost as much as 80 percent of the lifetime cost of the building. Reducing this cost can increase the earning potential of the building such as rent. Even though it can be a little expensive building a green building rather than their non-green counterparts. The low maintenance and operating cost of the green buildings make them cheaper in the long term.

Energy Efficiency

Designer of the green buildings tries their best to reduce dependency on energy from non-renewable energy sources like coal. To this day they use solar panels to make use of energy from the sun and design windows in a way that allows as much sunlight as possible. Efficiency in energy is essential not only for the user but for the world as well because non-renewable energy is expensive and pollutes the environment. 

Enhances Indoor Environment Quality

Indoor environment quality depends upon the condition inside the building and how they affect the residents of the building, Improves the quality of life, and reduces stress. Green building achieves these things through the installation of window operable which allows sunlight too and reduces the use of materials that may emit elements that are dangerous to the health.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is the use of water in a way that saves water and ensures that today and future generations enjoy a reliable supply of clean water. Green building allows the use of an alternative source of water such as rainwater reducing water waste through the installation of plumbing fixtures that are efficient and reducing the strain on shared water resources by installing systems that purify water and enable recycling.

Better Health

People living in green buildings enjoy many health benefits because of the safety of materials used in the construction of such buildings. Like eco-friendly construction companies avoid using plastic by-products that have been found to release toxic materials. Toxic substances like carcinogens not only cause significant breathing difficulties but increase the chances of getting cancer.

Material Efficiency

Material efficiency is the use of physical process and material in manner that allows minimum use of materials without compromising quality of outcome and the process generate as little waste as possible. Green building companies use material efficiency which makes the material long lasting, recyclable. Designing building in such a way that allow for the use of fewer materials and employ processes that use less water, raw materials, and energy. All these help achieve material efficiency.

Better Environment

By reducing the usage of energy sources that pollute the environment like coal, green buildings help to keep the environment clean. In addition, by reducing the levels of carbon (IV) oxide emitted to the atmosphere, they help to lessen the pace of climate change.

Reduces Strain on Local Resources

As population increases, local shared resources such as water and energy come under considerable pressure. Through the use of technologies and processes that increase water and energy efficiency, green buildings can reduce this strain.

Because of green building humans, being can effectively meet all their present needs without depleting resources and endangering the environment in a manner that makes it difficult for future generations to survive comfortably. Eco-friendly buildings use unique construction techniques that ensure that resources are used efficiently and responsibly while not compromising on the user’s health and comfort.

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