Ethnic Home Decor Ideas & Tricks

by Varsha Haswani

The eighties? Ethnicity is to blame. within the period of Reganian hedonism, there was no lounge or bedroom without a dangling batik, an out sized hand-painted fan, a series of tribal masks, dark wood statues and figurines, hand-woven tapestries, furniture to be used in we unknown coming from the souks (but it’s also spelled “suk”) and from oriental, Peruvian, African markets …

The ethnic chic furniture of the Eighties

In the Eighties, before the aesthetic need dictated by the design of furniture, there was the more or less declared desire to “strut” with souvenirs from distant destinations. Traveling the planet wasn’t really within everyone’s reach: in those years there have been no low-cost fares, instant, and last-second trips, you had to travel to the agency even just to shop for a railroad ticket he blindly trusted the duty expert, who bestowed advice and dictated the principles regarding the price of travel, hotel, transfers, excursions, rates.

Buying an indigenous piece of furniture on the spot – or using import or specialized shops – meant placing oneself in a very certain socio-cultural (not just economic) band. Anyone who lived through those years knows that at a particular point a pair of friends invited you to determine the photos of the vacations and you were done for: you had a night of projection of k slides, and also the magazines never ended.

The modern ethnic style furniture: exotic notes of our days

Let’s return to today. Ethnic remains in fashion, but with different canons: it’s not the protagonist of our travelers ‘homes (those who can’t wait to leave) and tourists’ homes (those who can’t wait to arrive). Rather, these are pieces wisely mixed with more modern contexts, perhaps within the sort of an adjunct or complement, experienced more as unique objects instead of as a reconstruction of a typical environment.

A mono-thematic house inspired, as an example, by Japan, is smart if you’re in Japan, in fact, but here it risks being out of context. And this is often a lesson we learned from the good Bruno Munari, who knew a way to quote the various civilizations in {a very} contemporary key while maintaining a very personal character.

It’s like furnishing a lounge with wooden benches, a country table, and a Scandinavian stove: after all, the environment is welcoming, but the side effect is “cabin within the city” and it’ll surely tire after ages.

To give an ethnic touch, and if you think that about it this recommendation could also apply to clothing and makeup, the key is that the quote .; a quote, not the overall look. Because the nice and cozy colors, the dark woods, the textured and embroidered fabrics, the heavy curtains, and therefore the decorated coverings, if displayed all at once, remove oxygen from the environment, which if large will seem smaller and if small will seem claustrophobic.

Tricks and ideas for contemporary ethnic decor

The ideas behind modern ethnic furniture are potentially endless. within the context of a home provided with modern furniture, the quote that projects us into the culture of another country can tell plenty about our tastes and interests. The chic ethnic furniture comes from distant countries, even very different from each other: from the Deep East, from Africa, from South America.

The furniture that offers life to ethnic atmospheres reflects the culture of peoples who board environments and contexts completely different from ours. Objects with an exotic charm of the ethnic style will be functional or purely decorative. There are accessories and furnishing accessories suitable for each space within the house. There are many choices. We must therefore watch out to not create a stracciatella effect, with elements that clash with one another and a clotted harmony just like the dish on the fireplace.

The entrance with chic ethnic furniture

 In a house, the doorway says it all. And for Dante also that of the Inferno had to offer a really precise idea to visitors. Don’t joke, it furnishes from the door on wards with care.

If our goal is to line up an area characterized by chic ethnic furniture, the selection of inserting an exotic quote within the entrance of the house mustn’t be underestimated. In this way, we surprise our guests, who don’t expect objects in Sheesham or acacia wood, with naturalistic decorations in warm colors.

A jute mat acts as a walkway for people who enter and evokes the materials of nature. a legitimate alternative is represented by colored carpets with geometric designs. Persian rugs go well with both classic style furniture and more modern ones that connive at minimalism.

To avoid falling into tacky, a bit of renunciation is necessary: ​​that huge vase with sinuous black designs, the elongated shape, must not be right at the doorway to our apartment. The bulky ethnic objects near the door give an excessive glance, they belong to the category of “too much good” and don’t seem to be suitable for those that want to take care of a sober elegance altogether around corners of the house.

The nuances of the exotic are noticed even in an exceedingly small and discreet object sort of a dress hanger. It’s an easy piece of furniture that finds its ideal location right next to or before the doorway door.

Modern ethnic furniture within the lounge

The modern ethnic furniture within the lounge gives an exotic touch to the full house. The front room is the place where you spend most of it slowly once you are receiving. It offers more room than the opposite rooms. Thus it allows us to be more daring and to permit ourselves some daring.

There are numerous pieces of furniture that we can opt to give our home an environment in line with the ethnic style. The sofa is the undisputed protagonist of the front room and is that first piece of furniture that means new exotic interpretations. Cushions embroidered with golden tinsel make the backrest more beautiful and comfy. A pouf with colors and textures with an exotic taste may be combined with a settee with a textured and solid color upholstery.

Curtains also help to feature intensity to the charm of recent ethnic furniture within the front room. Those made of overlapping panels are perfect. Only the side curtain models must be considered, while the heavy curtains, with many drapes, which remove light and attract dust, are banned from the ethnic style. Small collections from around the world are allowed within the lounge to make the harmony of ethnic chic furniture. Instead, the tapestry that stands over the sofa represents an excess, especially if we board town, and not in a very house. In a rustic context, however, it’s possible to form a mixture of various styles. After all, would you move out with a Hungarian skirt, Chinese headdress, Mexican poncho, and Dutch clog? I don’t believe it. But each of those pieces, alone, maybe synonymous with style and, why not, dictate a fashion.

The kitchen is a very modern ethnic style: appetizing furniture

The ideas for contemporary ethnic furniture also concern the kitchen, the foremost intimate space within the house, where we frequently entertain ourselves chatting while preparing the delicacies of lunch or dinner. In an eat-in kitchen, where there’s an oversized table for dining with friends, a gracefully exotic centerpiece gives that original touch much appreciated by the eyes of those who board the house and visitors.

If you’ve got enough space, next to the geometric modules of the fashionable kitchen, you’ll place a Tibetan pantry, colorful, massive, with floral decorations arranged along closed circular lines. An ethnic style table is often combined with chairs with an up to date design. The alternative combination is additionally appreciated, with exotic seats and a contemporary table. Instead, we must resist the temptation to try and do everything with objects that come from a far off country: the glance would reveal coarseness and excess.

Ethnic chic bathroom furniture: traveling along with your mind even within the shower

The ethnic chic décor stops at nothing. The shower, the tub, and also the bathroom fixtures don’t scare him. the lavatory also becomes one among its territories. What are the simplest ideas for contemporary ethnic furniture within the bathroom? Even within the midst of the glitter of the tiles and also the roar of water, an object that comes from afar makes its figure. It gives the place a unique, more refined, weird aspect, perfect for those that want to arouse amazement in their guests. Antique prints will be attached to 1 of the toilet walls. They match with oriental tiles and reply to the foremost sophisticated tastes. Attention should be paid to paint matching. they have to all air the identical shade, with an overall effect characterized by “tone on tone”.

The bedroom in ethnic style: dreams of exotic places

The bedroom is the place of rest and tranquility par excellence. The ethnic style invades it with results appreciated by many. What number of ideas are there for contemporary ethnic furniture that favors well-being and harmony? Thousand, ten thousand, 100 thousand, infinite … Creativity meets no limits and relies on the various countries that provide us with exotic and engaging furnishings. The ethnic bed is the fundamental object in an exceeding room that’s inspired by the culture of distant people, be it Eastern, African, or South America. The headboard of the ethnic bed makes a good contribution to the atmosphere of the space, significantly influences it. It can represent an ancient door. In some cases, it consists of padding with the covering of an ancient silk panel. Finally, in others, the headboard of the ethnic bed may be a kind of old sign or an over sized auspicious dish.

What about the kids’ bedroom? the fashionable ethnic kind of furniture also appeals to adolescents. 

The small print that transports you overseas on the world is the bedspread and also the bedside tables which will not be rigorously matched, to depart ample room for creativity. There could even be a thick carpet: the Peruvian ones are beautiful. In summary, to relinquish shape and life to a bedroom in perfect ethnic style, it’s necessary to concentrate on the characteristics of the most furniture that make it the best place for rest: an ethnic bed is important and therefore the headboard of the ethnic bed is that the icing on the cake, the cracker under the piece of gorgonzola. to every his own.

Ethnic corridors: the exotic of the passage

Modern ethnic style décor can even pop into the corridors. a group of objects may be exhibited along the walls: for instance, a series of Japanese prints, African masks from different countries of the continent, copper plates, colored tapestries, or papyri. It’s preferable to exhibit each artifact without enclosing it in an exceedingly frame. Thus each object is proposed as a little universe during which the culture of the country of origin is contained. His original style isn’t distorted.

The African ethnic style furniture: suggestions beyond the Mediterranean

The taste for furniture from distant countries is often realized within the choice of objects of various origins for one’s home. African ethnic kinds of furniture are extremely popular. The characteristic furniture of African countries is formed of wood and is combined with brightly colored fabrics. they’re made with particular care for perfectly smooth surfaces. The grain of the wood is highlighted and also the shapes of the artifacts are soft, sinuous, tapered. On the shelves within the lounge or on the shelves within the corridor, small statues typical of the black continent crafts will be displayed. They often represent female figures with a slender physique. Another theme of the representations is that of the hand. For the lounge, a stool with a seat within the shape of a palm and phalanges gives an exotic touch and enriches the atmosphere of the house. Among the various objects of the African ethnic style furniture, there are the poufs covered with natural fabrics, with a rough, slightly rough texture, which highlights the rounded volumes. the colors are bright or neutral. The patterns represent human or animal figures or geometric decorations.

Cheap ethnic furniture: The exotic flavor that appeals to the wallet

The desire to incorporate in your home a chunk of furniture or a chunk of furniture designed and inbuilt in a remote country doesn’t always weigh down the wallet. You’ll find inexpensive ethnic furniture. To grant the front room barely of charm from a far off country, it’s sufficient to position small knick-knacks. On the shelves of the front room, we can place, for instance, statuettes of Indonesia, colored, which represent animals and projects in a very luxuriant nature, different from the one we are accustomed to.

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