Contact Tracing Technology and COVID-19

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COVID-19 has caused unrest in the whole world, and the lives of people are seriously disturbed by this pandemic. People have started losing their hopes to return to their healthy normal lives. Every country is trying to save its people, and they are also helping neighboring countries to save humanity too by sending different aid packages. Scientists are finding a cure to the virus, and some states have announced discoveries of vaccines for coronavirus. These vaccines are still under trial as they cannot be used immediately worldwide.

Contact Tracing Technology

Scientists and researchers are also taking the help of technology in their efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus. In this regard, the contact tracing technology is emerging very rapidly to facilitate exact control measures against the spread of the deadly virus. Most countries have installed this technology successfully to locate the patients of coronaviruses in their regions.

Trials for testing and contact tracing technology

However, some countries are still conducting a trial for the confirmation of this technique as Scotland has announced that they will be performing three main tests for contact tracing technology this month. Scottish Government has formed three medical boards to verify the contact tracing technology to prevent the virus. Three committees are NHS fife, NHS highland, and NHS Lanark shire which will be conducting trials for checking the contact tracing software this month as told by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has claimed that the testing and tracing techniques would be useful in the prevention of coronavirus. However, there has not been any update about the starting trials as no new step is taken for the introduction of contact tracing technology. The trail is said to be two weeks long, and it would permit researchers to check out this new technology that will be used in the next days to gather essential data of corona affected persons as told by Jeane Freeman Health secretary. She also confirmed the starting of work by 600 staff of NHS and hiring of 2000 more applicants to help out in these trials of contact tracing technology.

This contact tracing system would be more useful as it would warn people by a telephonic call instead of a more straightforward app to indicate an infected person in a nearby area on mobile as assignment writing service UK provides this information.

The Government of the United Kingdom is also said to introduce this new contact tracing technology as tracing apps are in use in the whole United Kingdom. It is a matter of the fact that there are rare chances of usage of this kind of technology in the future.

Mechanism of Testing and Contact Tracing Technology.

In this technology, contact tracing apps related to COVID-19 are installed on mobile phones to locate infected persons and collect their data. Many countries around the world have made COVID-19 tracing apps to stop the spread and ease the unrest among the masses. The technology in apps would assist people in knowing the threats of virus contacts, and they can be isolated from others by alarming them through apps. However, two types of contact tracing apps are used in different countries. These are centralized and decentralized types. These apps will use Bluetooth signals on their mobile phones when two persons having these apps on mobiles come nearer to each other. If someone has symptoms, then a warning would be sent to another person to keep him away from that specific person around him.

The centralized version of the technology

The Government of the United Kingdom is using this particular version of tracing technology. With the help of this version, the anonymous data collected is transferred to a current consumer service where both closer persons are matched to find possibilities of developing coronavirus symptoms. Supporters of this Version say that this version of technology allows gathering more information about corona affected persons to government officials and authorities and they can improve this technology by keeping an eye on the performance of this technology. However, users have privacy concerns about this version as they discourage it because it may reveal their data to government officials.

A decentralized version of the technology

Conversely, a decentralized version permits more command to users on their data by restraining data on their mobiles. In this version, a person without virus symptoms is matched with others who might have symptoms of a virus. This system is encouraged by Google and Apple companies. People prefer this version because it ensures the safety and privacy of personal data of people as it gives more command to people over their data on mobiles so it cannot be given to officials or cannot be leaked.

Comparison of centralized and decentralized apps

It is a fact that either techniques or versions are not still proved efficient on an international level as different countries are using different versions. South Korea is the best example of a country to introduce tracking technology without using the tracking apps. And they are said to use other strategic techniques to locate the contacts in their country, and most states are trying to install a similar kind of system in their country too.

Countries using centralized apps

Australia is one of the examples of countries trying to follow the strategies of South Korea as Australia has announced COVIDSAFE a centralized version of a tracing system to help officials gather information and records of patients and prevent the spread of the virus in the country. But it faced issues of not running on Apple mobiles due to Bluetooth concerns.

Singapore has made a trail of centralized apps as it has not proven efficient in the first phase. Singapore introduced a TraceTogather app that was rejected by the entire population because it was utilized by only 20% population of the country due to some privacy issues and other flaws in it. It does not run on Apple mobiles, and now Singapore is working to focus on a decentralized method to speed up its efforts in tracing contacts.  

Countries using decentralized apps

Germany has shocked everyone with its surprise introduction of the decentralization approach as it’s working closely with France to develop this approach to fight the virus. It is said that Google and Apple will introduce a joint system API to help launch a decentralized approach in contact tracing technology.

Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Austria, Italy, and Canada are countries that are quite satisfied with the decentralized approach.


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