Best Computer Monitors to Buy in 2021 for Graphic Designing Work

Computer Monitors for Designing Work

If you are a graphic designer, then you might know the importance of good computer monitors. You need a great display to get your graphic designing work done the right way. We can’t say it enough, that a good display makes or breaks your experience, whether you are working on your project or just streaming to keep yourself entertained. So, if you are thinking of buying a good monitor to fulfil your needs, then go no further because we have got you covered. Let us review some of the best PC monitors for you to have in 2021.


First up is the beast of a monitor by HP. Let us get the technical info out of the way first. HP DreamColor Z27xG2 Studio gives you remarkable resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, on its huge 27inch LED display. The colours and picture quality are absolutely incredible. It gives you best display and cutting edge colours, so you can carry out your graphic designing tasks with ease and perfection.

This monitor gives you the brightness of 250cd/m2, which provides you with the brightest images, even in the well-lit rooms. No glare or bright lights can come in between you and your work. This monitor lets you experience the smallest details in the image or in your animations. You get the best colour display and colour saturation, with the HP DreamColor technology. Plus, it also has a pop-up sensor which lets you achieve the accurate colours, so you can save time by not worrying about the colour correction.

HP has surely equipped this monitor with a lot of great features and technologies, to help you perform your working and designing tasks in a carefree manner. It certainly gets a two thumbs-up from our side.

Lenovo L24q:

Next up is the masterpiece by Lenovo. It has a wide 23.8 inch screen which gives you the resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Its narrow bezel and an aspect ratio of 16:9, gives you more screen to body ratio and lets you enjoy your viewings to the fullest. You will never miss a single detail on its near edge-less screen.

Now if we talk about the colours and picture of this monitor, then we must say it is completely breath-taking. The colours are so sharp and vivid, that it will surely leave you mesmerised. The contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1, so you get the best colour saturation you can ask for. The blacks are more-deep, and the whites are brighter.

You get the best and brightest picture quality. Plus, with the response time of 4ms you get the smoothest display, whether you are working, streaming, or even gaming. It is also equipped with AMD Freesync, which keeps your monitor and your hardware in sync, so you get the smoothest display while designing, streaming or gaming.

It is not only powerful and performance oriented, but also easy on your eyes. With TUV eye comfort certification you get low blue light, which keeps the stress to your eyes at minimum. It also has DisplayPort and HDMI ports, which lets you connect all your devices with it in a carefree manner.

Lenovo ThinkVision P44W-10:

ThinkVision P44W-10 is certainly one of the best PC monitors by Lenovo. It has an ultra-wide display of 43.4 inch, which gives you the resolution of 3840×1200 pixels. With the aspect ratio of 32:10, you get the best wide screen display to enjoy your viewing pleasures larger than life.

The best thing about this monitor is that it lets you use the screen space more efficiently. You can see two displays on it at the same time. You can easily view two video outputs on the single screen, from up to two devices. It is a perfect fit for multi-tasking.

It is also equipped with USB ports, to let you transfer data and manage power of your devices. It has USB type A and USB type C ports, along with HDMI ports. These ports give this monitor super connectivity.

You can enjoy crisp and cutting edge colours on it, while you are working on your graphic designing tasks. Working for long hours on this monitor is not an issue. It has the low blue light feature, which does not let your eyes get damaged, by reducing the blue light and keeping the strain to your eyes at minimum. This monitor gives you the most comfortable view, without compromising the quality for even one second.

With the refresh rate of 144Hz and the response time of 6ms, you get the smoothest display with absolutely zero input lag or motion blur. This lets you take your creativity to a new high.


These were some of the best LED monitors with sweet deals on them. All three monitors provide you the best performance and productivity, you need to carry out your daily designing tasks. These monitors surely get a five star rating from our side. So, this was our review, and we hope you guys have made up your mind by now, about which one to buy. Select from these three or go to, to choose from a wide range of PC monitors and get the best LED monitor deals.

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