Avalon6: Is It Really The Best Hardware For Bitcoin Mining?

Searching the perfect Bitcoin mining hardware at eBay for Bitcoin mining has been a topic of interest for many crypto enthusiasts. There are several options regarding it. One such is Avalon6 hardware, known to be the best Bitcoin miner hardware

We humans have always been greedy in fetching profits for our own interests and enhancing one’s resources. It all started with crop harvesting from mother earth, which later extended to digging for natural resources, including metals like diamonds, gold, and silver that were lying beneath the earth’s surface. It became a good source for humans to churn out profits with a better margin for their business.

This indeed has given rise to several heavy industries for drilling tasks to extract all the riches that lie underneath the earth’s surface via core digging. But what if you are being introduced to a new form of mining, in which no such task of deep drilling is required to fetch out profits from natural metals? Yes, it’s true, and you can do it while resting on your chair. The main focus which I was trying to drag is on the Avalon6 hardware. 


Reviewing Avalon6 Hardware

When we discuss the best Bitcoin mining hardware, then Avalon6 hardware is indeed the second-most next option after Bitmain Antminer S9i. One best feature that makes this Bitcoin mining hardware appealing is non-noisy. 

Where most of its counterparts create much sound, the same is not the case with Avalon6 hardware. Among many of the beneficial features, which one expects in the miner, Avalon6 hardware tops the list for emitting very minimum sound. So it can be an ideal preference for those who don’t like noise. 

But counting on advantages is not the only way out. One must be aware of the downsides also. Avalon6 hardware also has some issues, if not many. Some say that it lacks a hash rate in comparison to other Bitcoin mining hardware options, including Antminer S7 or S9. 

Another issue being raised is its failure in meeting the expectation of one of these Bitcoin mining hardware models. 

This was something to give you a brief idea about the Avalon6 hardware. We are going to explore more about its specifications. 


Very Appealing Mining Device

It won’t be wrong to say that Avalon6 is a splendid mining device to acknowledge. It is the second-best option to the Bitmain Antminer S9i. It comprises a specific nm chip, and operates with 50 megahertz, with no complications. 

This feature helps give a hash rate of 3.5 TH/s. It is indeed not to the level of Antminer S7, still, it stands somewhere nearby to it. This makes it an ideal pick up for the miners who are experienced.   


Best Power

If there is any factor that defines the backbone of electricity-based devices, then the answer would come as a power supply. But one can experience problems on either side. 

With minimal power, it will lead to the non-functioning of the device or would incur poor performance opposite to your expectations. But if it is too high, still, it would result in the problem of short-circuiting and fusing off.

So it is a clear indication to be careful while choosing a power unit regarding mining rig via shopping. And when you are purchasing make sure it meets with better standards and specifications. 

You must confirm its ability to handle the need for power by the miner. Luckily, Avalon6 hardware passes this test. It is equipped with good supply and ratings in terms of power (100 Watt +). 



Bitcoin is indeed a global success, but dealing in it is not so easy. And it is all because of halving in some years. Volatility adds another fuel to fire. Because of this, prices fluctuate unpredictably and faster. However, Avalon6 hardware is still enough to fetch you profit. 



Avalon6 hardware might cost you around $550. But if you intend to purchase it in more numbers, then you can avail it with a 100% discount. You can even buy it for $450 on Amazon.


Minimum Sound

If you keep a particular distance, like say, four feet, from Avalon6 hardware, then you will listen to its sound around 55 dB. Although, it seems ideal in being quiet for its utility in nearby your residence. 

Still, I would suggest avoiding putting it nearby around your sleeping or entry place of your house. There is a special mechanism to bring down the emitting noise to increase the unit. It is done through underclocking. 



If you don’t want to spoil your peace with the heavy sound emitted by any other mining hardware, then Avalon6 hardware is the best ideal option for you. It is the robust Bitcoin miner to buy. Even though it faces tough competition with Antminer S7, in terms of power and other characteristics, still, Avalon6 remains the best choice for its purchasers. 

If you want to explore more other hardware options for Bitcoin mining, then I suggest you visit the leading crypto site, Cryptoknowmics. Here you can read through blogs about the topics including the best Bitcoin mining hardware, and more other topics.

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