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We know that time is precious for inventors, as any spare time is used for research, meetings, and other constructive endeavors aimed to help their business progress in the right direction. Along with time constraints, an inventor’s thoughts areabsorbed with innovations, technical details,calculations, and utmost creativity. Thus, drafting a legal document such as a patent application may not heed to an inventor’s creative spirit.However, it is necessary and beneficial for the inventors to protect their invention. The problem arises when the document is not thoroughly protected in a legal airtight manner and allows others to take advantage of the inventor’s useful process, the machine, manufacture, or composition of matter. Even a new and valuable enhancement to an invention needs to be protected. Filing a patent application as soon as the inventor’s unique idea can be converted into an invention is of paramount importance for protection.

What are the benefits of filing a patent application with the USPTO?

The inventor must be aware that a patent application in Dallas can cost from $900 to over $10,000 with a patent attorney’s assistance. While this cost may seem daunting, it is one of the least costly components of the business of turning an idea into a commercial, marketable product (for example, molding costs can be around $50,000). The patent application cost depends on the type of patent and the complexity of the invention. However, one of the many advantages is that all patent-related costs are considered tax-deductible.

The inventor shouldunderstand that creating their product or process does not provide them patent rights by default. Once you are the patent owner, though, the possibilities are several. You can sell or license your patents; thus, your intellectual property becomes an income generating asset for you.

Four reasons why patent rights are essential:

In legal terms, a patent is like any other ‘tangible property.’

The patent owner has the right to exclude anyone from making, using, selling, or importing their invention within the USA and its territories.

The patent gives the patent owner a limited-time monopolyfor a maximum of twenty years.

The patent ownerhas reduced advertising budget. The owner will need to spend less money to market to compete with others but will need marketing budget to increase the product awareness.

150 words to explain your brainchild

While there are many patent lawyers in Dallas, not all are considered affordable. The idea is to have a certified professional to ensure that the patent application is acceptable to the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). One requirement is that the abstract must be 150 or fewer words, and the reader must comprehend the technical nature of the invention. Besides the formatting constraints, the patent application must meet other legal and technical requirements of USPTO. Thus, a patent attorneyrequires both technical and legal knowledge to support the invention or discovery to avoid fatal errors.

Inventors mustrecognize that making early mistakes in the patent application can result in dire consequences. It is vital that your patent is filed at the earliest possible time, and your intellectual property is protected by the law in the USA. Enlisting an affordable patent practitioner from Dallas is the first step in this direction. One of the best patent practitioner in the area is Bela Malik, who acquired her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and developed business acumen by co-founding a start-up and working with several start-up companies. Dr. Malik passed the USPTO bar examination and put her applied her expertise in a New Jersey law firm, where she wrote patent applications and drafted responses for all stages of US patent prosecution.

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