All You Need To Know About Public Transport Accident Claims

by hasnain alam

The public transport system has seen major developments and improvements in the past decade, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of accidents and mishaps. However, public transport accidents still haven’t completely disappeared in the UK. You can be as careful as you possibly can, follow all the SOPs, but there are external factors that you just can’t control. Consequently, you will find yourself involved in such accidents at some point.

You may be a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, traveling on a public bus that experiences a head-on collision with another vehicle, and there are several other unfortunate events that we all witness. These accidents can lead to minor injuries like cuts, bruises, or muscular pain, but if it was serious, major injuries like spinal cord disorders, head injuries, or other issues can be seen as well. Bus injury claims or claims where pedestrians are hit by cars on the road are very common in this category. Other accidents may involve mishaps happened on boats, taxis, trams, or even trains. 

The UK law provides its citizen to seek compensation for the damages they experienced if they weren’t at fault. Therefore, if you, or someone you’re close to, happens to be involved in any such unfortunate event, which was caused by someone else’s negligence, know that you reserve the right to claim against them and win compensation settlement. This can be against the train, bus or coach companies, taxi drivers, or any other mode you were using to commute. The law also provides clear instructions to transport companies that anyone who drives on the road, owes a duty of care towards their passengers and pedestrians. In the event of a breach of this duty, they will be held liable for the accident. 


Common Types Of Transport Accident Claims

At Wallace Legal, you will find the most professional and highly skilled team of personal injury solicitors, who have dealt with a plethora of transport accident issues and have a successful record of obtaining compensation money for clients. The most occurring transport accident claims include:

  • Accidents due to uneven road surfaces
  • Injuries in planes
  • Tram accidents
  • Bus or coach accidents
  • Train accidents and injuries
  • Injuries on boats and ships
  • Injuries caused by inefficient road lighting 
  • Poorly made roads with potholes or debris that cause accidents on motorways
  • Drivers with wrong or faulty judgment.

Injuries Caused By Transport Accidents

Accidents on the road can lead to several types of injuries. Some can be very serious, while others are easily cured. Whiplash injuries are the most common among them. The severity of injury mostly depends on how serious the impact was. Minor injuries resulting from transport accidents are usually body pain, nausea, headaches, or minor bruises and cuts, whereas whiplash can also cause intense injuries that the victim carries for a long while. Victims of severe transport accidents are usually left disabled with torn muscles, broken bones, or damaged tissues. Furthermore, these injuries aren’t always physical, people often go through severe trauma leading to psychological illnesses like nervousness or anxiety. Whatever the injury or it’s severity, it will always be detrimental for a victim’s daily life activities. 

If you have gone through any such mishap, and you’re sure that you aren’t to be blamed for this incident, get in touch with our personal injury solicitor right away to know what settlement you can get for your sufferings. 


What To Do After Transport Accident

Transport accidents are traumatizing, and anyone who experiences it will naturally be able to gather their senses for a while. However, it’s very important that you take as many pictures of the incident as you possibly can at that moment; including your injuries, the vehicle, other people over there, and anything else you feel can be helpful later on. In addition to this, as soon as you’re able to, make sure you document all the happenings to keep a record of them and also because you might forget some subtle details later on. Contact details of witnesses and others involved in the mishap will also be of significant help. 

Our lawyers have immense experience in these areas and they will use their knowledge and skills to ensure you get through this difficult stage with the money you deserve.

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