6 Great Language Arts Apps to Turn Your Middle Schooler Into A Storyteller

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Middle school is the best to erupt a student’s passion and interest in both reading and writing. Not all language arts studies are to be done with a book, notepad and pen/pencil. As the world has technologically advanced, numerous apps, games, and websites help students do just that as they are built on foundational elementary skills with reading and writing as the primary focus. They offer opportunities that challenge students’ thinking and offer teachers ways to personalized assignments. 

Almost all the tools feature generous support, offering students feedback on their writing and grammar. Moreover, numerous apps help in improving vocabulary and reading skills for middle school students. These apps can help students showcase their creative talents and express their style through digital creation and online, peer-to-peer communities. 

Check out the apps below for some of the top options:

The Guardian of Imagination: It is an app that offers a combination of pictures, storytelling, and games to engage students’ minds. They can find a massive collection of locked away stories after most people stopped using their imaginations. Students can further go on adventures within the stories they pick by playing comprehension puzzles or listening to songs that connect to the tales.

Storia: It is an interactive e-reading application. With this app, children get access to thousands of e-books well-organized by genres and reading levels. Well-customized for kids between ages three and fourteen, Storia e-books also have support features like note-taking, dictionary, highlighting tools and enrichment activities. It even allows teachers to supervise students’ progress. The trusted international school in Dubai suggests using the app to improve student’s reading skills. 

iPoe: It is an innovative and excellent story app that presents Edgar Allan Poe’s writings in a unique, well-illustrated and interactive way. Animations and an original soundtrack bring the stories to life for kids. With an editor’s choice award for children’s technology review and the best fiction app at the publishing innovation awards, iPoe has been number one in almost 14 counties all over the world. 

StoryKit: It is an electronic storybook that enables students to both write and showcase their tales. They can draw on the screen, use pictures, or sketch on paper and upload their drawings on the app. It also offers students access to four public domain children’s books, which they can work from to make their unique version of the classic tales. 

Story Creator: With this app, children can create beautiful and unique stories, including videos, text, audio, and photos all in one stunning collection. The story creator app truly ignites students’ imagination that helps them bring the best stories to life and retell and share with others. 

Tales2Go: It is a streaming app that offers children access to audiobook titles from reputed and renowned publishers. The app allows students to search as per grade level, writer, genre, narrator and series/characters. Tales2Go focuses on growing literacy through an auditory approach. It was also an EdTech digest cool tool award finalist for best mobile app solution.

Writing a story is not exactly a glamorous task or assignment for a lot of students. However, writing a story using a timeline-based platform with original embedded content, videos, images, and hyperlinks may develop an interest and encourage students to create innovative stories independently. These apps are designed to let students experiment with various modes of making, e.g., visuals, textual, and auditory. They are incredibly easy-to-use and straightforward, and students will genuinely enjoy working with these apps!


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