4 Things You Must Know Before Buying Protein Powder


Like carbohydrates, protein is also a micro nutrient which one should consider consuming in sufficient amounts because it helps a lot in the growth of our body. Many people cannot get the right amount of protein intake according to their diet, so they add protein supplements for this.

There are many protein powders, so one question is which one is the best protein powder in India. Protein supplements are the world’s most commonly used bodybuilding and muscle building supplements. It is beneficial, and due to its many flavours, it is also useful in taste.

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But this does not mean that you should stop taking protein from the food and stay dependent on the supplement only. Instead, you can replace any of your miles with whey protein. Now sometimes you will have a question about how to select the right protein powder? Today I will tell you 4   important things about protein, which you need to know before buying protein.

Factor You Must Consider While Having Protein Powder In India

1. There Are 3 Types Of Protein Supplements

Whey protein comes in the form of powder, so the protein is divided into these parts based on its purity or the basis of the protein content in it.

  • Concentrate

Protein content varies from 25% to 80%. It is also called WPC or WPC80. Most of these proteins are available in the market, and most of them are used.

  • Isolate

The pure form of protein is called isolate. It contains 90-95% of the protein content. Isolates cost more than the protein concentration. It also has very low carb content.

  • Hydrolysed

It is the most expensive form of Whey protein. Which contains 100% protein content? It is used for muscle building, lean mass gaining.

2. Whey Protein And Casein Are Both Different

Whey protein is a high quality ‘complete protein’ made from milk. It contains a lot of amino acids, Branched Amino Acids, Glutamines, Lusins etc. And there, casein protein is also made from milk. It is a slow-digesting protein; it digests in 7-8 hours. It can be taken 30 minutes before bedtime because when your body is slipping, casein makes amino acids in your body. Your body remains in an anabolic, not in catabolic, and it develops your muscles.

3. Mass Gainers Have Protein But Are Different From ‘Protein Supplements

A mass gainer is a type of mixer that when consumed, you get calories from protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fat, while calories in protein come only from ‘protein’.

4. Rate About Office And Workouts As Well

You will not get transformed by always taking protein supplements with your eyes closed. You will also need training for this. For this, it is essential that you also pay attention to the time you sit at your office and your desk, how much time you are spending there or also see how much time you are training yourself. Protein will only make more impact when you workout, so keep in mind that whenever you buy protein supplements, first manage your time, otherwise your money will be wasted.

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