3 Best Water Purifier Under 10000 rupees in India 2021:Must Read

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When it comes to the subject of water filters, it should be obvious that they are no longer a luxury but a necessity that no family can afford to go without one. The fact is that most of the water that is sourced from various quarters is already infected with some contaminants in one form or the other. In this article, we will take about the 3 best water purifier under 10000 reviews in the Indian market.


The local city then treats the same working Chlorine which is then joined to the water so as to kill the different organisms included in it and to make the water fit for human disease. The problem concerning Chlorine usage, its after-effects are still being considered but it seems that Chlorine, which is generally used in the industry as a pesticide may well be poisonous to people. This is why it is essential that you would want to take a good water filter, one that can help exclude the various contaminants from it, easily and seamlessly.


It is essential that you stay out of compatible water filters and choose one that can present you with comprehensive security from various contaminants included in the water.  It needs to come with an efficient filtration process, one that can filter out the many contaminants from the water.


1. Hindware Moonbow Ezili RO+UV


One of the best compact looking best water purifier under 10000 INR, this one leads to snag your application right away. For beginners, it is agreeable for use even with hard water experts, so still, if you get TDS readings of 1800 ppm, you should still be ready to use this water filter, and produce the TDS level to the bare least and make the water easy. This water filter comes with a pretty design one that appears both as a tabletop and wall-mounted design. So you can take the one you want, also as for the filtration technology, it does best. It comes with a reverse osmosis layer, and forward with UV+UF, it leads to filter out most of the contaminants from your water. It comes with a simple tap handle and can treat around 12 liters/ hour.

This water filter comes with all the important alerts that let you know when the room tanks are in the method of getting packed up, and also beeps, when they are done. It is one convenient filter to have and comes with an affordable cost tag. Do check out any of its pros and cons,


Pros –


  • This water filter also begins with a 6 stage water filtration method
  • It uses RO+UV+UF to filter out all the contaminants without the water
  • It can be used to treat water with TDS up to 1800 PPM
  • It comes with an attraction assisted detachable front cover



  • The installation method took a while


2. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+UV 5 Litres Water Purifier

This is an elegantly composed water purifier, one that is absolutely sleek and beautiful though that is as far as the aesthetics are concerned. It begins with a wall-mounted device and one that can effortlessly turn 9 to 12 liters of water per hour. It begins with a range of 5 liters and with a white and moody build-up. On the whole, the design is effective and so is its functionality.


It appears with a 6 stage filtration means through which it treats all the water; it uses RO layer as well as UV to filter out various contaminants so as Chlorine, arsenic, Cadmium, Nickel, and various other heavy elements and contaminants from the water. It uses a six-stage filtration method, with a pre-sediment filter which excludes all deposits and residues entirely from the water. After that, the water is then reached through the pre-RO carbon filter which acts upon Chorine and other weighty metals, and after this, it is given through the opposite osmosis layer. It is then passed for various other layers and finally into an activated carbon filter at the point. The whole method should result in most of the contaminants staying separated from the water, by rendering it safe and well. Check out any of the pros and cons of this result,




  • It uses a six-stage filtration method with RO+UV which eliminates most of the contaminants from the water
  • It can prepare nearly 9-12 liters per hour and comes with a 5-liter storage capacity
  • It is a cost-effective resolution
  • It should help increase your health and prevent any severe health outbreaks as well.
  • It begins with one year warranty


Cons –


  • Customer assistance is not that great


3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF Water Purifier


When it becomes to compact build, and advanced functionality, and great performance, this special water filter does to rank right at the top and with good cause. Let’s start with the idea; it is not specifically a functional design but one that would surely fit in with all the modern interior designing in your kitchen; what’s more, it also comes with an effectively concealed tap, right in the first panel.

When it comes to the question of functionality, this water filter makes an excellent job. It can efficiently manage water with TDS levels changing from 500 to 2000 PPM and can change the same to soft water, seamlessly. It essentially uses reversed osmosis as well as for UF, and a double filtration of the water into the same eliminates most of the contaminants out of the water. If you are studying for a water filter that is easy to use and comes with long life and an affordable cost tag, then this is the one that you want to take a close expression at. It comes with a range of 6 liters and also highlights a voltage variation guard, which guarantees that your water filter will remain to function seamlessly even through times of voltage changes. It is an important water filter and comes with the next pros and cons; you may want to terminate it out.




  • It practices dual filtration of RO+UF to eliminate  most of the contaminants out of the water
  • It comes with a six-liter tank and storage capacity
  • You do not need electricity to distribute the water from the storage tanker
  • It utilizes very little electricity
  • And it also occurs with a one year warranty.




  • It comes with a free foundation but that took a while

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