20 Technology Trends Which will be in Next Decade

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We do not live on Mars or fly to work wearing jetpacks, but there is no question that many exciting technological developments will arrive in the next decade. I want to summarise the 20 primary technology developments in this article that I believe will shape the next decade.

The Internet of Things (IoT): the Internet of things refers to the increasing amount of “smart” devices and gadgets which are linked to the internet. Such kinds of gadgets and tools are continuously collecting and transferring information, which is additionally powering the increase and progress in AI and big data.


Use of artificial intelligence: the growing capability of machine learning and intelligently acting upon is undoubtedly changing our world. Not only this it also navigating force after many of the various trends.


Wearables and augmented humans: for fitness, there have been immense advancements and there is a tracker of fitness which has blown up the entire industry of technology which designs the technology which is wearable and function of it is to enhance the performance of individuals and assist us in living in a better way, healthier way and live efficiently. In the coming time, it is expected that the individuals will emerge with such a technology that will produce transhumans or humans which are augmented.


Big Data and augmented analytics: it is regarded as growth which happens exponentially and the number of data that is produced in this world. All appreciation to the augmented analytics, which enables us to deal with the immensely complicated and various data streams.


Intelligent spaces and smart places: it is interlinked with IoT, the trend, and the idea of observing the spaces physically such as offices, schools, houses, or on a larger scale entire cities which are being more linked and smart. Especially when the thing is related to assisting reliable transactions.


Cloud and edge computing: when the information or the data is kept on some other computer and through the internet it is accessed so it assists in getting in the stored data and for the masses It analyzes. And what is edge computing, it is the place where data is being processed such as on phones on or on smart gadgets, and for sure it will change the game on to the other level.


Digitally extended realities: it incorporates virtual reality, mixed reality and the augmented one however this idea signifies the step towards making and producing more digital capabilities and experiences which are immersive

Digital twins: by the name it signifies that it is an identical digital copy of an object which is physically present, commodity, procedure, or ecosystem. This technology is unique and creative and enables us to experience changes and modification, which is costly or can be said to be dangerous to carry out on a physical object, which is real.

Natural language processing: it is an advancement which enables a machine to comprehend the language of human and intensely modified and altered how humans communicate with the machines, and it will upsurge it.

Voice interfaces and chatbots: most of us are now quite comfortable and used to interact and communicate with the machines such as Alexa, Siri, chatbots just by uttering words or by typing down our message. In the upcoming time, most businesses will opt to communicate with clients through chatbots and voice interfaces.

Computer vision and facial recognition: we have been witnessing that we are no advanced to such a level that machines can communicate so why they should not watch or see us. The advancement in technology enables the machines to interpret and read visually whoever is around or near them. One of the best and appropriate example is facial recognition. Even though in the coming time we will be seeing more and more use of facial recognition which indicates and signifies that this technology can be further modified in the speed of recognizing but it is not going or vanishing any time soon.

Robots and cobots: currently, robots are created in such an advanced way that they prove to be more intelligent than they were before. Acquiring and being educated on how to respond to the surroundings or under special circumstances, and they are enabled to do and complete a task without any help of humans. So it is clear and obvious that in various industries and in upcoming times it is expected that to include humans to work and collaborate with the robots too for flawless results however there is a term “cobot,” or we can say “collaborative robot.”

Autonomous vehicles: This decade the 2020s are for sure the year of autonomous vehicles such as trucks, taxis, cars, and we can include ships even. They will be automatic, self-sufficient, and viable commercially.

5G: 5g newly introduced technology through the iPhone 12 however it is one of the best modification in the field of technology and it is the fifth generation of cellular network which is smarter than you think, faster than the speed of light, and much more stable in providing wireless network, and it gives the fastest speed in streaming and downloading.

Genomics and gene editing: modification held in computing and analytics which is amazing and unbelievable, leaps our comprehension of the individual genome. Currently, we are succeeding and developing the alteration in the genetic arrangement of organisms that are living, such as amending the DNA for the mutation which can make it way to cancer.

 Co-creativity of machine designs which are augmented: all the appreciation goes to artificial intelligence and due to that, it enables machines to do simultaneous things which include producing designs and artwork. And in conclusion, we can assume creative, unique, and design method to switch to more collaboration with the machines.

Digital platforms: platforms that are digitally operated such as Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook all are names of the household, which assists the connections between many people. This idea has been turned into a well-developed model of business, carrying and making way of many conventional businesses to convert to or amalgamate a platform-based model.

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles: drones and aerial vehicles are very beneficial in this era and these aircraft are piloted through remote or entirely autonomously, and it has upgraded and made the military operation very easy. This not only stops here as the technology of drone has changed law enforcing agency, rescue missions, firefighting, and transportation.

3D and 4D printing and additive manufacturing: three dimensional and four dimensional seem to be as not highly advanced technology trend as compared to others, but 3d and 4d in the coming time will have very varied applications, and mainly it will be transformed when joined with mass personalization trend.

Cybersecurity and resilience: many threats occur suddenly and in a unique way which are faces by numerous businesses, so the capability to prevent and diminish or to lessen the cybersecurity threat will be complicated to achieve for the next coming year.

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